Why Sean Considine Is Ready For A Bigger Role

Yes, Michael Lewis is struggling, but don't mistake his struggles for being the only reason that Sean Considine will see more game time in the coming weeks.

The Eagles believe that Sean Considine is ready for action and more of it. "He's been working in there. He's had packages in there and done a nice job with it," explained Andy Reid. "Every week we have given him a little bit more and a little bit more and he has done a nice job with it."

Now, the Eagles are throwing even more at Considine and it's coming at the expense of Michael Lewis. The struggles that Lewis has had this season have been many and none were more glaring than in the Eagles' loss to the Saints on Sunday. Now, Lewis and Considine will be somewhat of a tag team in the Eagles' secondary. While Reid is throwing more work to Considine, he's not ready to anoint him as the Eagles' starter. "We're doing packages with both the guys [Lewis and Considine]. They're both going to play," said Reid when asked if Lewis was going to keep his job.

Reid stressed that the Eagles haven't lost confidence in Lewis and that they'll simply wait and see how the situation plays out. Brian Dawkins stressed that he and the other members of the secondary also haven't lost confidence in Lewis. "The thing you do as a player - and especially when you are a good player - you expect a lot of yourself, which he does. You take it hard upon yourself. And I am pretty sure he is doing that to himself," said Dawkins of his teammate and friend.

While Dawkins has a comfort level with Lewis, he has been impressed by Considine's progress. "I'm comfortable with both those guys back there. Obviously, me and Mike have developed something back there because we have played back there. I've played with him, I think, longer than any other strong safety that has been here with me, so definitely we've established something together," stressed Dawkins. "But also, I've been in practice with Sean, we've been in meetings together, so I understand that he knows the defense and when he is in there I'll be confident that he is going to get us in the right defense and he'll listen to me if I see something that he needs to see."

Reid was also careful not to put any blame at the feet of any individual or particular part of his team. Instead, he thinks that there are a lot of areas that need improvement. "We've got to do better as a team. Everybody has to pull it together and do their job a little bit better. It starts with me and everybody else. That's the way we are going to get better."

Having a healthy Lito Sheppard back has helped the secondary and now, the Eagles are also looking to Considine to add the extra punch that they need to help improve the Eagles defense.

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