Andy Reid's Press Conference Transcript

Andy Reid was impressed with his team's renewed attitude in practice this week. As he's said all along though, the proof comes on Sundays and he's waiting to see his team deliver against Washington.

Injuries/opening remarks:

"There are really no injuries to report. Everybody made it through healthy and ready to go.  Again, we look forward to the challenge of playing the Redskins, an NFC East opponent coming off a big win against Dallas. We welcome them into our stadium here, at Lincoln Financial. I know our crowd is going to show up and be very loud and aggressive, as our football team will be."

On WR Reggie Brown's contract extension:

"I think Reggie is a good football player number one, obviously by having the contract extension we did with him. We want to keep him around here. He is going to do nothing but get better as time goes on. I think it is a positive addition to our football team."

On whether it is a contract for a number one receiver:

"It's good money."

On whether Brown is where he expected he would be at by the middle of his second year:

"He's done a nice job. He's worked very hard, one of the hardest workers we have on the football team. He's got good quickness and strength. Like I said, he'll continue to improve the more he plays."

On how good he thinks Brown can be:

"He's a good player right now and he has a chance to even be better. I'm not going to compare him to anybody, but he does some things that work in this offense. His change of direction and foot quickness and the ability to go get the ball are all positives."

On whether he is confident they have done what they needed to do after the loss to Jacksonville:

"The proof is on Sundays. I'm not going to say anything until we go out and play and coach and do it better than what we did against Jacksonville. The guys have worked hard. The coaches have worked hard and we'll see what happens on Sunday."

On whether having a contract extension helps the players who signed them on the field:

"They're young guys and they haven't been in the league quite that long. There is obviously a projection involved there and I'm not sure that they expected the contracts this early, but that's the way the NFL is right now. I don't think it will have an affect either way, on their play, compared to how they've been playing."

On whether he offers advice to special teams coordinator John Harbaugh and how much he might offer:

"We talk, but he obviously coordinates it and he is very good at it. He keeps me abreast of everything he is doing and if I have a suggestion I put in my two cents and then we go with it. Really, it's a matter of you block a little better and you tackle a little better then you're going to do a better job on special teams. That's what they focused in on."

On whether he knows if he will keep CB William James active for Sunday:

"I don't right now, no."

On what the factors for that decision might be:

"I'll just make that decision. You obviously don't want to put him in a bad situation where he is not comfortable with what is going on around him. He's done a nice job this week and I'll go evaluate the film that he had today and I'll meet with [defensive coordinator] Jim [Johnson] and we'll go from there."

On how CB Rod Hood and WR Donte Stallworth did at practice this week:

"They've done a nice job and they look like they are healthy and ready to go. I think most of the guys that were nicked up a little bit, they are feeling better this week and they should be fine."

On how important sideline communication is during games:

"I said this before, anytime that you have problems there you go back to [me] having to take responsibility for that. You go back to the guy calling the plays in and not getting them in in the right amount of time and so forth. You've got to start there and then everybody does their job a little bit better and then you're okay. That's one of the things that we went back and evaluated."

On whether there was extensive self-scouting during the bye week:

"We took the first three days, that's what we did."

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