What's Next? Eagles Face Life Without McNabb

Donovan McNabb's injury is worse than first thought and the Eagles might not have to only face his loss for this season, but into the start of next season as well. So, where will the Eagles turn for help?

Donovan McNabb not only has a torn ACL, but there is meniscus damage as well. Even with the normal 8 to 12 months of recovery time, McNabb's going to be a question mark for the start of next season. With the added issue of the meniscus, it's likely that he will miss time at the start of the 2007 season and possibly, some substantial time.

While Jeff Garcia was brought in to be McNabb's backup and took over after the injury, he's not going to be just handed the starting job. "We'll look at his performance and see how he did here," said coach Andy Reid after Sunday's loss to the Titans.

For his part, Garcia was diplomatic. "I hope he has enough confidence in me to give me the opportunity to let me be that number one guy," said Garcia. "You know, that's not really in my hands. So, I'll be prepared and ready for whatever decision comes my way."

Garcia hinted that he would have had the chance to get reps in practice with the first team offense, but that's not generally how things work under Reid. "You run the scout team throughout the week and then you get some throws here and there in one-on-one type situations, but outside of that, it's all visual," said Garcia. Most teams use the same setup for drills throughout the week and generally let the starting quarterback determine the percentage of the snaps that he takes in practice. In the past, Garcia said that his experience was that the backup would get as many as 20 percent of the snaps throughout the week.

Meanwhile, Brian Westbrook thinks that Garcia will get the job and that he'll be the next coming of the 2002 version of Koy Detmer. "Koy stepped in and I believe that Jeff will do a great job of stepping in and playing. we have the guys around him to make the plays," believes Westbrook.

Reid said that he'll likely announce his decision Wednesday. By then, McNabb may have already undergone surgery, the first step on a long, long road back to work.

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