Garcia Still Not Feeling Pressure

Either Jeff Garcia is a pretty cool customer or he hides the pressure that he feels pretty well. Even after fans called out for A.J. Feeley during Monday night's win against Carolina, Garcia says he's not pressured.

You have to remember that even though the Eagles won on Monday night, it wasn't all pretty. There were times that probably sent some fans to bed as the Eagles looked like they were on their way to another loss. Instead, Jeff Garcia stayed cool, even as the home crowd called for A.J. Feeley to take over. The result was a come-from-behind win that gave the Eagles some slim playoff hopes.

"You can't be distracted by those types of things. It's just one of those things where, no matter where you play at, when things aren't going well you're going to hear some negativity," said Garcia on Wednesday. He claims that he may have heard part of the call, but simply didn't pay attention to it at the time. "I'm paying attention to what’s going on, on the field."

In a city where booing a hometown player isn't taboo, Garcia doesn't feel slighted in the least and is enjoying his time in Philadelphia. "People talk about how critical the fans can be and how when things aren't going right or going well they can definitely voice their opinion, but I think that's everywhere. I think it's maybe more so or paid more attention to in certain places, but I think anywhere you play the game, when people are putting out good money for tickets and supporting the team throughout all sorts of weather situations and ups and downs, they want to see quality out there on the field," stressed Garcia. "And that's just what they expect and so, when they're not seeing that they let you hear about it."

Garcia took some hits Monday night, but wasn't about to come out of the game. In fact, Garcia wasn't even willing to miss one play. "I've had the wind knocked out of me before. As much as that's one of the worst feelings that you can experience at the time as to when your breath is going to come back. So, when they were asking me if I was okay and there's A.J. [Feeley] warming up on the sidelines, to me, my feeling was that this is nothing new that I haven't gone through before and I'm definitely not getting out of a game. I'm definitely not going to take a play off. I'll be fine. It's just a matter of regaining my breath and my whereabouts and let's go."

With the Eagles back at the .500 mark, there is hope for the playoffs, even though starting quarterback Donovan McNabb is out of action. Garcia knows he isn't McNabb, but he also believes that he can get this team into the post-season. "I don't have the arm strength Donovan has. That's definitely a difference, but I think just as far as rhythm is concerned, I feel that I understand our schemes well. I feel that accuracy wise, as much as I was off the mark a couple of times during the game the other night and there are plays that I would like to have back as far as correcting, but I feel like for the most part I'm a pretty accurate passer," stressed Garcia. "For me to sit here and talk about the differences, we just have different styles about us. Donovan is a smart player, he's very athletic, he's strong, he's big. I'm kind of on the other side of the spectrum as far as size comparisons and some of those things, but I think we play the game with similar saavy in a sense that we can make things happen when things break down around us. I think those are two quality traits that we are very much on the same page with."

For their next challenge, the Eagles travel to Washington for a meeting with the Redskins. "They're a team that, I think, is coming into the game with nothing to lose in a sense. So, we may see some surprises as far as what they bring defensively, but we have to be prepared for that," said Garcia. The Eagles QB also believes that the Birds can start quick and quiet the crowd and he knows that would help a lot. "It's always important to have a good start on the road where you can start to quiet the crowd a little bit," said Garcia. "But, just to fight through whatever struggles we may face early on and just battle through it like we did the other night. But, if we can get a better start, definitely, we need to jump on top of it."

The Eagles believe that even though they're just a .500 team at this point, they're not out of the playoff hunt. Their playoff hopes are being quieted though by a desperation to reach at least nine wins and possibly run the table. That run started with Carolina and continues with Washington and that's all the Birds are focused on right now. "Really, we're not looking at what our end result is going to be. We're focused on what this next week brings us," said Garcia.

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