Simply Put, Garcia's Getting It Done

While many fans weren't clamoring over the off-season signing of Jeff Garcia, they admitted that he had to be an upgrade over Mike McMahon. Now, with Garcia getting a chance to play, he's starting to get some recognition.

Steady, if not spectacular; it's a good way to describe Jeff Garcia.

Donovan McNabb's understudy has thrown eight touchdown passes in 15 quarters since replacing McNabb last month, but maybe even more important, he has managed to avoid negative plays.

Garcia hasn't thrown an interception in 133 pass attempts since McNabb suffered his season-ending knee injury. And the backup has been sacked just twice. Garcia wasn't sacked at all in Sunday's 21-19 win over the Redskins.

"Maybe more than anything, he's managed the game well and isn't turning the ball over," coach Andy Reid said. "He's getting rid of the football quickly."

Garcia doesn't hang onto the ball nearly as long as McNabb. He has a clock in his head, and when the alarm goes off, if no one's open he throws it away.

"He's a good player, a Pro Bowl player," Reid said. "We thought he'd be the kind of player who would be good to have if Donovan were to get hurt."

Garcia completed all three of his attempts on the Eagles' final possession Sunday, which allowed them to drain the final five minutes off the clock and preserve a win that kept them in the thick of the NFC playoff race.

"This is a team that is definitely coming together at the right time," said Garcia, who guided the Eagles to their second consecutive victory. "We're a team that's not necessarily playing perfect football at times, but we're competitive and battling."

The same can be said for Garcia.

Notes From The 'Nest...

  • On Tuesday, the Eagles put some potential roster additions through their paces. Long snapper Thomas Gafford (Houston), Center Charles Missant (Western Michigan), DE Anthony Gargiulo (Dartmouth), LBs Jeremy Cain (Massachusettes) and Greg Richmond (Oklahoma State) all had tryouts with the team. None of the players were signed immediately and there's no word on how impressed the Eagles were with any of them.

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