Marty Mornhinweg Press Conference Transcript

The Eagles' offense is starting to pull things together under Jeff Garcia. So, how do they approach the matchup with the Dallas Cowboys.

Opening remarks:
"[We've] got a great challenge coming up. This Dallas Cowboys defense [is] highly skilled, [and has an] excellent scheme. We're playing [against] the 3-4 [defense], which poses a couple of little things, [a couple of] little problems there."

On why the Cowboys have been vulnerable against the long pass:
"That has happened occasionally to them. It looks like they've got it shored up pretty good as of right now."

On whether it was harder to hit the Cowboys with the long pass before Cowboys DE Greg Ellis got hurt:
"Yeah, Greg Ellis, he's another highly skilled player. Certainly, they've replaced him with a good player and he's playing well. But, Greg Ellis was someone who needed to be reckoned with every down."

On whether the Cowboys secondary issues would lend the Eagles to throwing more:
""We'll do whatever we think we need to do to win that particular game. And so, every game's different. Last week we ran a little bit more. In other games we'll throw it a little bit more. So, yeah, you're correct there."

On whether their running backs, fullback and tight ends can block Cowboys DE DeMarcus Ware consistently:
"That's the problem when you get into it. [Ware's] got himself into some of those matchups and theyre extremely favorable to him. He's really been improving. He's a fine player and he's one of those select few that you have to account for every play. With run or pass he's very good."

On whether RG Shawn Andrews has been used more as the point of attack in the running game:
"Yeah. Shawn's been playing well. He's a physical type of blocker, so we do try to use him. However, I think our whole offensive line has played well and played well as a unit. And I thought [offensive tackles] William [Thomas] and Jon [Runyan] should have had a little more consideration in the voting [for the Pro Bowl] the other day. But, the whole offensive line has played pretty well as of late."

On why Runyan didn't get Pro Bowl recognition:
"I think it's the right tackle spot sometimes doesn't get quite the [recognition] and I'm just assuming. You never know what they want."

On whether he is surprised by the play of QB Jeff Garcia:
"No, [I] expected it."

On how much his previous relationship with Garcia in San Francisco has played a key role in the success they are having together now:
"A little bit. Look, Jeff's the guy going out and playing. He's done a heck of a job. And so, it's his hard work and preparation. And we've talked about this a week or two ago. He's been preparing like he's going to be the starter every week, for many, many weeks. He kept himself sharp and it's paid off as of today."

On the difference between Garcia now and Garcia in San Francisco:
"Well, he's a little older. I hate to say it, but he might be just a touch slower, but he's still more elusive than most and quicker. And he's kept himself in tip-top shape his whole career. So, what that does at the end is it adds a few years to your career. Normally, it does that."

On whether he thinks he has one of the best offensive lines in the league: "Yeah, I think it's one of the very best. They're playing very well as a unit, as well as individually and we've had pretty good results. Look, if you look at it, I think we're first [in the NFL] in yards per play, and realizing that everything starts with the offensive line. We're third in total offense and we're third in yards per carry. We're third in yards. The runners are the first in yards per touch, I believe, for the running backs and most of the guys who start. (Jokingly) And you know I don't pay any attention at all to stats. And so, anyway, my point is offensive line. It starts there. And so, I think they're one of the very best."

On the year WR Reggie Brown is having:
"I'll tell you, the last several weeks Reggie Brown has really played at a high level and very consistent. And so, we have to back up a little. This man's only in his second year, so we're very pleased with his work the last several weeks. Now, he's put in the hard work and preparation going on two years here to get to the point that he's at. But, he's been playing very well for us."

On what Brown has done better the last couple of weeks:
"Oh man, he's much more consistent with virtually everything he does. He's been working harder at his job and he's come along just beautifully."

On whether RB Correll Buckhalter has gotten better as the year has gone on:
"Yeah, there's a couple of things there. I think he's getting better, and you're talking health wise and so am I, that way. And second, I think he's relatively fresh. Again, he's been preparing all year. And so, I'm happy for Correll Buckhalter because he put a lot of hard work and he's overcoming some odds now. The odds were against him on this thing and then it turns out this way. I'm happy for him and I'm happy for our team because he's healthy and knowing he can help us."

On whether Buckhalter looked quicker and less tentative last week:
"Yeah, I think that's true."

On whether he remembers C Jamaal Jackson's last start against Dallas last season:
"Yeah, it was the first little bit of an ongoing evaluation process and I thought he did pretty well. I thought there was a chance that he could be pretty good at some time in the future, and he's pretty good right now."

On when he started to think that Jackson could be a quality starting center:
"Towards the end because it was a cumulative type of evaluation. It was hard to do a one or two game evaluation on him. You want to see him for a little bit longer than that."

On why Reggie Brown isn't struggling with drops anymore:
"Yeah, I wasn't really referring to that [earlier]. I was referring to his game and the way he plays his game and the little details worked in. Everything he does, routes and blocking, all of those things. It's all of that together. I think he's doing a heck of a job and really elevated his game in the past several weeks."

On why the wide receivers as a unit are not dropping as many passes as they were earlier:
"It's a credit to them and [wide receivers coach] David Culley and [tight ends coach] Tom Melvin and [running backs coach] Ted [Williams]. Those players now, they work hard and diligently trying to focus, working extra with [QB] Donovan [McNabb] and now Jeff. Before and after practice, getting on the JUGS [machines] and they've put a huge emphasis on themselves and it's paid off up to date."

On how disappointed RB Brian Westbrook is that he didn't make the Pro Bowl:
"A couple of things come to mind. First, Brian Westbrook has great respect within this league. And second, [49ers RB] Frank [Gore] out there in San Francisco, Frank Gore, and [Rams RB Steven] Jackson out there in St. Louis, and then [Giants RB] Tiki [Barber] over there in New York, all three of those guys had great years. They're fine, fine running backs. Now, I see Brian Westbrook as one of the elite players in this league and that's my perception of Brian Westbrook. I suppose he's in good company not making it because there were some other guys that were pretty dog gone good players that didn't make it. I just think he's one of the elite players in this league. I'll leave it at that."

On what the hardest thing is for a young quarterback like Cowboys QB Tony Romo to grasp early in his career:
"There are so many things. Now, he's been fortunate that he's been in the same system for several years and had many reps. So, it's kind of like Jeff Garcia when I first got him in San Francisco. He'd played pro football in the Canadian league for a handful of years there. That helped him I'm sure. Any quarterback that's around the same system in the same organization for a few years, it's a big plus."

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