Garcia's Future Could Be In Philadelphia

Jeff Garcia signed a one-year deal with the Eagles, but is interested in making it more than that. He's said all along that he's happy in Philadelphia and would be interested in returning even if a healthy Donovan McNabb returns.

For now, Jeff Garcia is looking just at the Atlanta Falcons. He's staying relaxed and focusing just on what's next for both him and his team. Garcia believes that looking ahead even to the first round of the playoffs is a waste of time, so looking ahead to next season isn't even a question. Throughout the year, Garcia has been asked if he would be interested in returning and he's always said he was happy in Philadelphia, even before he took over as the starting quarterback. "I will really cross that bridge when the time comes. It's not something that I'm too concerned with," said Garcia. With his success, probably the only reason why Garcia wouldn't return is because he may over price himself. "I feel that I will have employment somewhere next year and I hope that it is here in Philadelphia."

There are bound to be teams looking at Garcia differently than they were last year when he was on the free agent market. When the Eagles signed him, the only competition that they had for his services came from the Houston Texans. Next summer, that won't be the case and in fact, Garcia will likely have a shot at starting jobs in the NFL. With those possibilities, the price tag for Garcia may rise and the Eagles will have to ask themselves how high they want to go. Of course, with the various injuries that McNabb has suffered over the past few seasons and the fact that he may not be ready to start the season, the Eagles may be willing to throw a few extra bucks to Garcia.

Garcia seemed to know immediately that he had made the right decision when he signed with the Eagles, even when he was sitting on the bench and when the Eagles were losing. "No, I didn't doubt my decision. First of all, my choices were limited. So, I don't think that the other choice was anywhere as good as this one," reasoned Garcia. "Even though we were going through some difficult times, guys weren't down, guys weren't hanging their head, they weren't folding it up, they weren't saying, ‘Here we go again' because of the things that took place last year and I think that because of that my mentality never dropped. My mentality or my attitude or personality never started to stumble, so to speak. It stayed upbeat, it was about finding a way to turn things around, not starting to plan our off-season curricular activities."

Garcia simply sees himself as being in the right position at the right time. "He's [McNabb] not necessarily threatened by his position, but more so looking at the accomplishments of the team," stated Garcia. "This is his position; I have a temporary hold on it. I'm just trying to do the best possible job that I can do to help this team win."

The real issue could come when McNabb is healthy. What happens if the Eagles start the season well behind Garcia or whoever takes over at quarterback? It gets even more complicated if Garcia were to take the Eagles deep into the playoffs or even into the Super Bowl. Would Andy Reid ditch a successful Garcia to reinstate McNabb as his starting quarterback?

Garcia sees himself and his role as very routine and comfortable. "I'm just trying to do my job the best possible way to do it. But, I'm not trying to be anybody different than who I normally am. I am just trying to come into the huddle with a lot of excitement, a lot of energy because those are the things that I need within myself in order to play at a high level. I really do those things for me in order to get the most out of me. And I want to bring my best to the table every single play, whether it's practice or game, and I think that is what helps carry over to my teammates. I think they just respect what they see in me."

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