Giants Facing Lots Of Changes

The Giants team that the Eagles faced just three weeks ago has undergone some changes. Odds are that when they see them next season, there will be a LOT of other changes coming for the New Yorkers.

The Eagles had to make some changes thanks to injuries. They also made a key change when Andy Reid handed over the play calling reins to Marty Mornhinweg. In general, the moves have worked out well for the Eagles and the early returns for the Giants were positive as well.

Needing a win to even have a shot at the playoffs, the Giants took on Washington Saturday night with Kevin Gilbride calling the plays instead of offensive coordinator John Hufnagel. Whether it was that move or just the fight of a desperate team, something worked as the Giants pounded the Redskins with an impressive offensive showing.

The win may have saved the job of head coach Tom Coughlin; it seems a done deal that he would have been a goner had the Giants lost. Even though the Giants are in the playoffs, there are no guarantees that Coughlin will be back as the Giants head coach next season. Coughlin's fate is certainly tied to the Giants success and is possibly tied to another change that will be facing the Giants. General manager Ernie Accorsi is definitely retiring and there hasn't been a replacement named, yet. Accorsi has been a big supporter of Coughlin and his recommendation will likely be that he returns, but the ultimate decision won't be his. A new GM may want his own coach in place for next season.

Obviously, the change in GM could influence everything. The new GM could bring in a new coach, who would bring in new assistant coaches, meaning that someone else would be making the play calls.

Odds are that Tiki Barber will be retiring after the season. is reporting that Barber's retirement is a done deal, no matter who will be coaching the team next season. According to their report, at first, it was thought that Barber might return if Coughlin was elsewhere, but they point out that Barber actually likes playing for Coughlin and is one of his bigger supporters.

For now though, the Eagles are left to prepare to face a Giants team that is different from the one that they beat at the Meadowlands. The tough part could be preparing to face a team with a different signal caller, but Reid figures to have his team ready even though the new look Giants have given the Eagles just one roll of game film to review.

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