Wednesday's Injury Report: "Buck's Okay"

The Eagles and Giants are just four days away from their post-season battle. Both teams have some injury concerns, but for the Eagles, much of the news is good.

Giants Injury Update:
  • Michael Strahan: Strahan is on injured reserve and is definitely out. It's a huge loss for the Giants and the Eagles certainly won't miss seeing Strahan.
  • Rich Seubert (OL): Seubert is somewhat of a folk hero in New York and has been a key player for the Giants who have simply plugged him in wherever they have needed him this season. Officially, he's questionable for Sunday's game.
  • Jeremy Shockey (TE): Shockey has an ankle injury and is also listed as questionable. The Giants offense depends a lot on Shockey and if he can't go, it will be a definite blow for their offensive plan.

    Jeremy Shockey on his injury.

    How do you feel?

    I feel better than I did a week ago. It feels sore. Progressing and I'm going to take it one day at a time.

    How much do you want to play on Sunday?

    I want to play every Sunday. I felt bad I couldn't play last (week). It's the nature of this sport, getting hurt. You have to deal with the injuries. It's the one thing I don't deal with very well. It's getting better every day and hopefully I'll be able to do something this week.

    Coach said you were very persuasive this morning when you talked to him. What did you say?

    I did everything last week I could to make that game. You lose and you're out. I want to be with that team. I felt bad not making that trip. So I want to do everything I can this week, I told him, to get back and to push it. We'll see how it feels and get an early signal in the week and just move from there.

  • Head Coach Tom Coughlin comments on his team's injuries

    Q: What are your practice plans for Jeremy Shockey and Rich Seubert?

    A: Seubert will practice today, Shockey will be on the side and will hopefully we able to work tomorrow. We'll see.

    Q: Is Shockey's ankle a lot better?

    A: The swelling is down considerably from what it was last week. He improves each day. We're just going to have to see about that.

    Q: I assume he wants to play pretty badly. Has he said anything to you about, ‘Coach, put me in'?

    A: He wants to play very badly, yeah. I appreciate that question. That brought me right back down a little bit. Now my adrenaline is a little bit under control.

    Q: Which injury led you to put Corey Webster on IR?

    A: The combination. It was the combination.

    Q: Did he tear or break anything on the hip?

    A: No, no. It's a continuous issue that he's had (that) again refocused or resurfaced the other day. The doctors made the decision that he couldn't be at his best out on the field and so the decision was made to go ahead and begin to move towards the procedure.

    Q: If Seubert plays at guard and I assume David Diehl would be at left tackle, is that your best five guys?

    A: We're going to have to see how Rich is. Rich has not played in awhile. I thought Grey (Reugamer) played well the other night. We're fortunate enough to have the two guys. I think that we'll see throughout the course of the week how Rich is going to come back from a practice and whether or not he's able to turn around and go right again. So we'll just judge that as we go.

    Eagles' Injury Update:

  • Correll Buckhalter (RB): The news on Buckhalter is good. He practiced Wednesday and should be good-to-go for Sunday. "Buck's Okay," was how Andy Reid summed up the injury concerns surrounding Buckhalter.
  • Juqua Thomas (DE): The news on Thomas isn't as good as on Buckhalter. Thomas and Buckhalter suffered the same type of injury, but Thomas' injury was more severe. Thomas is listed as questionable for Sunday.
  • Michael Lewis (S): Lewis' knee is doing much better and he's upgraded to probable for Sunday's game.
  • Darwin Walker (DT): Walker is the latest member of the Eagles to come down with flu symptoms. He didn't practice Wednesday, but figures to return on Thursday and should be ready to go for the weekend.
  • William James (CB), Matt McCoy (LB), Ryan Moats (RB) and Dedrick Roper (LB): All were able to practice on Wednesday and are listed as probable for Round 1 of the playoffs.

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