Eagles Talk To New York Media

Andy Reid and Jeff Garcia took time out from preparing to play the Giants to talk to the folks who cover the Giants. Here's a full transcript of what they had to say.

Andy Reid's comments

Q: How does the familiarity factor play into this game, you obviously knowing the Giants so well and them knowing you so well? Does it put more pressure on you to kind of maybe come up with some new stuff for this game?

A: I think both sides go through that. You are not going to change everything. But you are going to have a new wrinkle here or there. And it really comes down to playing good football; good solid football, and who is going to do that the best.

Q: Could you have envisioned the things that Jeff Garcia has been able to do for you, not only on the field but kind of stepping up as very much of an emotional leader on the sideline and off the field?

A: He had some big shoes to fill. You are talking about replacing the MVP of the National Football League. And so he came in and handled that like a season veteran, but he is also a very good football player and a Pro Bowl caliber football player. So he respects Donovan and has a close relationship with Donovan and never hides that. But at the same time he knows that he is in a position where he has to lead. And he is taking that to heart.

Q: Is it easier to play a team that you have already played twice this season?

A: Not at all.

Q: What makes it….?

A: When you are playing a rival - you have seen how the last couple of games have gone. It has gone right down to the end. There is nothing easy about this. It's a dog fight. That's what we expect it to be on Sunday; so no less.

Q: Obviously you go way back with Marty Morhinweg. Was it a difficult decision for you to turn over the play calling to him?

A: Not at all from the standpoint of trust. I only called the plays because I enjoyed doing it, so from that standpoint if there was any debate with myself, that was what it was over. But the fact is that I have one of the best in the business at what he does sitting right here and we go way back. And I have a lot of trust in him. So that it made it very easy from that standpoint.

Q: Could you just talk about your offensive line. It just seems like they have, particularly in the last month and a half, really established themselves as kind of a dominant force in these games.

A: We had a couple of new guys in there this year. It was just a matter that they made small … no big jumps, leaps and bounds, but they made progress forward. They got used to playing with each other throughout the season and part of that is being healthy. They are able to play together throughout the season; and not a lot of injuries. So they got better as it went on. They have a big chore this weekend. And so they know they are going to have to be at the top of their game for Sunday.

Jeff Garcia's comments

Q: What percentages of your rollout plays are improvised and why do you think the Giants defense has had so much trouble against the rollout?

A: I really can't answer that question. That's something for them to figure out. I don't really see a lot of rollout taking place, so I don't have an answer for that.

Q: How often do you see defenses dare you to beat them by overplaying Westbrook?

A: Are these from the writers or from the coaches? I just see us being a very balanced team. It's one of those things where Westbrook is a guy who is very important to our offense. And obviously teams are going to be aware of him no matter where he is on the field. And so if it is a situation where they are overplaying him, it's up to me to make the right decisions and be good and be accurate and go to the right place with the football.

Q: What, if anything, can you take from the last meeting with the Giants considering you just faced them three weeks ago?

A: It was a very competitive, hard fought football game. And it could have gone either way. It definitely came down to the wire and we fortunately made some plays at the end that allowed us to win the football game. We don't expect anything different. We have had two great football games against them this year. I think in many ways we are very evenly matched and now that it is a playoff scenario, it's one of those situations where there is no next time. So both teams are going to bring everything that they have and it is going to be a very physical game and we don't expect anything less than that.

Q: How can you describe the chemistry between yourself and Marty Mornhinweg and how has it contributed to the renaissance of your career in Philadelphia?

A: Marty is a coach that I am very comfortable with. Obviously I am familiar with him having played for him for two seasons in San Francisco. He is very aware of the intangibles that I bring to the field. I think the great thing that we have is just open communication. We are able to talk about things on the practice field. We are able to sit in the meeting rooms and discuss things. And I think that is where there is such positive chemistry. And I think he just has a great mind for the game; a great feel for the game. He does a great job of calling the game.

Q: Does a play-caller have to work in conjunction with the quarterback's comfort level for an offense to be successful?

A: I think it is important, but I think it is my experience in the west coast system there really isn't much that I am uncomfortable with. So I think that we have a very open play book, a very open game plan. I don't think that there is a sense of holding anything back based upon the fact that Donovan is not in the game and I'm in the game. I think that we have been able to really maintain the same system, the same terminology, obviously, the same similar schemes. I think the focus has definitely changed a little bit in the sense of allowing Brian Westbrook to touch the ball a few more times than he was previously. And so in those ways that's really where I see the major difference taking place. But I think that as far as the comfort zone is concerned, it is very important that Marty knows what I feel good about, what I'm comfortable with, and we just go from there.

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