Andy Reid Press Conference Transcript

Head coach Andy Reid took a look back at the win over the Giants and also took a look ahead at Saturday's game with the New Orleans Saints. Find out exactly what he had to say with the full transcript of the press conference.

On Injuries:
"[CB] Lito Sheppard has a dislocated elbow, will not play this weekend. [OT] William Thomas made it through the game well, and then feels good today. I mentioned that [RB] Brian [Westbrook] was ill. He feels pretty good today, and then really that's it on the injury side."

On last night's game:
"I was proud of our guys, we started off a little slow and were able to finish well at the end which is important in playoff games: that you support one another, and I though that our guys did a good job with that against what I consider a very good, very talented New York Giants team. And [Giants head coach] Tom Coughlin had a heck of a game plan. I thought he did a really nice job with it and the players executed and he's a heck of a football coach. And, [Giants RB] Tiki Barber, congratulations goes out to him for a great career, not that I'm tying to talk him out of it or anything, but a great career. He ended it with a lot of yards and I hate to see him go on one side but on the other side I'm okay with it. I know he's going to make a good living doing the TV broadcasting part of things. He's a very talented young man. I thought the offensive line and Brian Westbrook and the receivers, tight end and full back, I thought they all did a nice job at the end when we needed it. I thought Brian's overall game was very good. He ran for a lot of yards. He wasn't feeling the best but he kept pushing through. [K] David Akers and that whole crew right there- it was good to see David have a chance to make a game winning kick. He hasn't had a lot of opportunities to do that over the last couple of years, but he had the opportunity to do it. He nailed it right through the middle. The snap and the hold, they all looked good so that was a positive there. [CB] Sheldon Brown I thought had a good game. He had the big interception and then the deflection in the end zone. He was around the ball quite a few times making plays."

On the upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints:
"So we're on to a short week. And we'll get started tomorrow. The team will be back in tomorrow and be ready to practice. Then we go down to New Orleans and play a very explosive Saints team on both sides of the football and special teams. We'll finish up the Giants game today and get on with the Saints after today. Our coaches are well into the Saints preparation."

On how he plans to get the team's legs back with a short week:
"Well you obviously cut down a little bit on tomorrow's practice. It's going to be a little bit shorter. You give them the opportunity to bounce back and then you get back into a normal look on Wednesday and Thursday."

On keeping an even keel throughout the Giant's game and where that came from:
"I don't know. I don't know that, where it came from. My mom and dad."

On whether CB Rod Hood will start for injured CB Lito Sheppard:

On whether CB Will James is healthy:
"Yeah, Will's healthy. It was important that we got him through last week. He was able to practice all last week and he felt good and so we were being a little bit cautious with the calf. Those are tricky injuries. He's back and ready to go."

On whether he will play in nickel and dime situations:

On this team's depth at the cornerback position:
"Yeah. [CB Joselio] Hanson's played very well for us. He doesn't get a lot of pats on the back but the kid is always around the football and really does a nice job. [CB] Rod [Hood] we've always considered him to be somebody that can go in and start for us and do a good job, and he's done that. Will James, he hasn't had a chance to play much, but when he did he sure made some big plays. At Washington with the deflection to [S] Michael Lewis. When he has opportunities to get in there he's done a good job. We know what he's all about because we've played against him so much. He's a heck of a player."

On whether there is any chance of getting CB Lito Sheppard back in this post-season:
"We'll see. We'll see how that goes. That's a little tricky. This week for sure he won't play. We'll see down the road. If there is a down the road, we'll see how that goes."

On how happy he was with the pressure the defense got on Giants QB Eli Manning:
"Well, you know, I say this about our quarterback: anytime you can pressure a quarterback and make him move around a little bit, that's a good thing. I don't think there's a coach in this league, or a quarterback that will disagree with me. I was happy to see our guys get to the quarterback yesterday. Eli made two great throws, I thought, under the gun. But we were also able to get to him a couple times which I thought was important."

On [DE] Juqua Thomas taking some snaps in place of [DE] Darren Howard:
"We've been doing that. We've been rolling him the last few games. They've both been very effective for us. We ask Darren to take a lot of snaps because he plays inside on that nickel. So, we're trying to find ways of spotting him. And JT was the answer."

On RB Brian Westbrook's ability to carry the team even when he was ill:
"He's done that all year. When [QB] Donovan [McNabb] got hurt he took it up another notch and I know there were times out there when he was hurting and it was all that he could do to stay out there and focus in on what he had to do. You can't say enough. He's a tough nut."

On whether the team knows what they are going up against:
"Sure. They understand. We're not too worried about the short week. Those things happened and we've been in that situation before. You just don't worry about that. You take care of the news. You have to put a little bit of time and effort and concentration into that, and we'll do that. And we'll go out and play. There aren't a lot of teams playing right now. You work your tail off, and then go down there and give it your best shot."

On what has changed on this team that allows them to sustain drives better than they did going into the last game against New Orleans:
"Well you know what I think it will be on both sides. They're a little different and we're a little different. They weren't quite sure what kind of football team they were at that time and I think they know what kind of team they are now. And we're a little bit different just with the quarterback situation. So, we'll see. We'll see how it all works out."

On whether he talked to the team about their emotions after the personal foul called on OT Jon Runyan:
"I sure like the physical play, Jon's very good at that and that one got away form him a little bit. Jon's going to play to the whistle and he didn't hear any whistle blow. But that's what's made him such a great player in this league. He's a tough, tough nut and if you're standing around he's going to answer the door."

On how have the New Orleans Saints changed since their last meeting:
"Well, just what I'm saying. They weren't quite sure what kind of team they were. They were feeling their way through with a new head coach and some new players at different positions and I think they're playing a lot more confident now. [QB] Drew Brees has settled into the offense and had an MVP type of season and they're just that more confident and familiar."

On whether he feels like they dodged a bullet yesterday:
"I don't want to say that we dodged a bullet. I think that our guys played very hard and we knew it was going to be one of those knock down, drag out fights. That's how it is when we play the Giants. They're all the same. The games come right down to the end and this one wasn't any different."

On whether the end of the Dallas game reinforced his decision to bring in QB Koy Detmer to hold:
"I don't know. That's a tough thing. [Dallas QB Tony] Romo's a really good holder. I don't know what happened there. I'm sure coach [Bill] Parcells and Romo feel sick about it. But, he's pretty good at what he does. On the other hand, it was good to see Koy do a nice job and I know they have confidence in each other, Koy and David [Akers] do, and that's a plus"

On how the Saints are different with [DT] Hollis Thomas in the lineup:
"Well, you know, Hollis is really coming off one of his better years since I've been around and watching him. He'll be rested. He's had four weeks off or so. He'll be excited to play, I'm sure. He's good against the run. That's what Hollis is about."

On whether having already played in the SuperDome this year helps in planning for the noise:
"I don't think it hurts you. Especially at that time, I think they had as many people as they could get in there so you're going to get that same noise level. There'll be that same energy they had when we went down there. So that part won't be a shock for our guys."

On whether his teams in the past have been rusty coming off a first round bye:
"I don't remember that. I can't give you an honest answer on that. You'd have to go back and look at that. It doesn't jump out at me that we were rusty coming out."

On whether there is an advantage to having the bye week in the first round of the playoffs:
"I don't know what the stats are on it. So, I don't know if it's an advantage or not right now. I not sure I want to know right now. I just want to go play."

On whether he's felt good about having a first round bye in the past:
"Yeah, you feel good about it. You get a rest in there. It's just like a bye week during the season. You always feel a little fresher coming out."

On whether there is more pressure on the Saints to win because they don't have as much playoff experience:
"I don't know that. I haven't even gone in that direction I just want to make sure that we take care of business. We've got a few days to do that and we'll go play our best game. I'm not to concerned about all the things you're asking as much as I am just getting ourselves ready to go."

On how comfortable he is going into this game without CB Lito Sheppard:
"Yeah I was fine with that. Lito is a Pro Bowl player. Everybody needs to step up a notch there but Rod's [Hood] a good football player and so we've always got a lot of confidence that he can go in and do a nice job and that hasn't changed."

On whether Saints DT Hollis Thomas was able to read the offense the last time they played:
"Well, I don't know if that's accurate. When we ran the football, we ran it pretty well against them. I just didn't call enough runs there. "

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