Andy Reid Press Conference Transcript

Head coach Andy Reid talks about the latest injury to hit the Eagles' offense and about preparing to face the New Orleans Saints. It's all here in the full transcript from Reid's press conference.

Injuries/opening remarks:

"[CB] Lito Sheppard is out for this game and then [FB] Thomas Tapeh will be a game-time decision. His leg is feeling a little bit better and we'll just see how he does in the next couple of days."

"Again, we look forward to the challenge of going down to New Orleans and playing the Saints. They're a very good football team. Our players understand that and they've had a good week of practice and it will be a nice challenge for us."

On the specifics of the injury FB Thomas Tapeh suffered:

"He's just got a little swelling on his knee."

On the plan if Tapeh can't play:

"[RB Correll] Buck[halter] would be in there."

On RB Correll Buckhalter's ability as a FB: "You know what; we've been using him in there all year, sparingly and in lead situations and other things. We're comfortable with him in there."

On the buildup of anticipation and whether he feels the guys are ready to go:

"Yeah, they'll be ready to go. It's a long day on Saturday; we're playing a night game, so you just have to make sure you stay off your feet and so on and be ready to go."

On how they keep the team occupied with such a long wait for the game on Saturday:

"We do just like we do for a Monday night game, or a Sunday night game. We have meetings during the day and get them up and move them around. At the same time, we give them some time to get off their feet and relax a little bit."

On what he remembers about their trip to Chicago five years ago for a game under similar circumstances:

"Not a ton. I kind of remember the process of what we went through getting there and then the game itself. But if you want me to recollect every play, I can't do that for you."

On what the factors were from that game that was important to winning that game: "Well, the guys stayed focused and came out an played a good, solid football game."

On whether potentially not having Tapeh changes their game plan at all:

"No. We'll do the same thing. And Buck throughout the year has done all of it. We'll just do what we do there."

On whether the potential absence of Tapeh would limit some formations:


On the year Jim Johnson had as defensive coordinator and whether he ever felt like Johnson might have lost the "magic" when the team was 5-6:

"I never felt that way, about the magic part of it. He's a great football coach. We all needed just to pick our game up. It wasn't just defensively, offensively you can't point your finger at one area, or one person. But I thought as players and as coaches, and starting with me, that we all needed to do a better job."

On whether there is a drop-off in blocking with Buckhalter as the FB:

"Other than he is just not quite as big, but he gets in there and he'll bang it around. That fullback position is not; Thomas does not play every snap of the game. We have enough different personnel groups where you're only in there 30 or 40 percent of the time."

On whether C Nick Cole could be a fill-in at FB:

"He won't do that. It would be Buck."

On whether there is any chance of practice squad FB Zach Tuiasosopo being added to the roster:

"No, not right now. We think Thomas is going to be ready to go, so I'm not too worried about it."

On whether the knee problem Tapeh had was a strain or a sprain:

"He just had some swelling in there. We're just letting it settle down. I would probably compare it a little bit to [LT] William Thomas and his situation the week before."

On how Saints QB Drew Brees' style of play affects their blitzing philosophy:

"You do what you do best and whether that is playing regular or bringing people. We'll stay aggressive and he's a great player, so you really have to be on your toes and play well. Again – I've always told you this - that it starts up front with the guys and how they go about it."

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