Should He Stay Or Should He Go? William James

William James joined the Eagles after the first two months of the season and missed some time with an injury, but the Eagles liked what they saw. Now, with James being an unrestricted free agent, will the Eagles keep him in the nest?

There is no denying that the Eagles are going to look long and hard at their secondary between now and the time that training camp opens. Roderick Hood, William James, Quintin Mikell and Michael Lewis are all unrestricted free agents and there's an aging Brian Dawkins anchoring the unit.

James is the newest of the bunch and the Eagles were generally happy with his production. One concern is James' health; he missed much of the 2005 season with a back injury and was again ailing for part of the 2006 season with the Eagles. On his side is the fact that he's the tallest of the Eagles secondary members and could play an important role in covering a receiver like the Giants Plaxico Burress, who has burned the Eagles in the past.

As the Eagles examine their secondary, James could fit in pretty nicely as a nickel corner. He played in that role for much of his time with the Eagles this past season and could handle more duties if he can keep himself healthy enough to be on the field. James has plenty of speed and can play a physical cornerback. He's got the attitude to get in a receiver's face and won't back down from a battle, which the Eagles like.

The bottom line: The Eagles like what James can give them, but his injury history scares them a little. They'll do what they can to sign him, but won't go nuts and they'll likely look for a Plan B in case he gets injured again. It's not likely that James will draw a lot of interest from other teams and the Eagles should be able to get him at a fair price, which they'll gladly take advantage of.

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