How Far Can Eagles' Wallet Open?

Everybody has a budget to work with and NFL teams are no different. Plus, they're told exactly what they can spend on player salaries, so there is a lot of number crunching to do. Just how far can the Eagles open their wallet this off-season?

Lucky for the Eagles that they don't generally throw a lot of money at free agents, because they don't have a lot to throw around. was able to get a hold of the official NFL Salary Cap numbers and they don't look very good for the Eagles.

First, some numbers of our own; Available cap money runs from a high of $37.6 million for the San Francisco '49ers to $37 million less than that for the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts. The average salary cap is $14.94 million dollars. The Eagles division rivals have a total of $30.9 million to spend (Dallas $17.2 million, NY Giants $9.4 million, Washington $4.3 million.) Of the playoff teams, the New England Patriots have the most money to throw around, with $26.6 million at their disposal.

It's likely that the Eagles will make a couple of cuts - Dhani Jones and Jerome McDougle have been mentioned - which would help their financial situation.

In recent years, the Eagles have limited their free agency endeavors to secondary type players who don't demand the top dollars. They've come up with some decent finds and they'll have to be picky this off-season because of their financial limitations. Re-signing some of their own free agents - can anybody say Jeff Garcia - will likely take a decent part of their available funds. The money may be there to re-sign Garcia, but it's likely to make it difficult to do much else which is one reason why re-signing the much heralded quarterback is a longshot at best. Instead, the Eagles are more likely to look at giving raises to some of their young free agents who will be looking for pay increases.

No matter how you look at it, the Eagles are going to have some tough financial decisions to make this off-season since they don't have much available cap room to work with.

Get the full list of NFL cap room numbers.

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