Reid Opts For Leave of Absence

With his two sons facing lots of legal issues, Andy Reid decided Monday to take a leave of absence from the Eagles.

With Andy Reid's sons dealing with legal problems, Reid certainly has more on his mind than football. With that in mind, the Eagles head coach and executive vice president of football operations opted to take a leave of absence to help his sons deal with their situations.

The Eagles issues a statement announcing Reid's decision: "Philadelphia Eagles President Joe Banner today announced that Andy Reid will take a leave of absence from his duties as head coach/executive vice president of football operations in order to attend to personal matters involving his family. The leave of absence will last until approximately mid-March 2007. At that point, Reid will return to his regular duties with the Eagles."

Reid's leave will last for about a month, meaning that he'll miss the NFL Combine starting on February 22nd and will miss the first couple weeks of free agency which begins on March 2nd.

Banner stressed that Reid and the team will be communicating during the leave and that Reid would have the final say on any major moves that the team may consider.

Britt Reid is facing charges of carrying a gun without a license and six misdemeanor charges. Authorities are still considering charges against Garrett Reid for his part in a separate traffic incidentthat involved Reid admitting that he had used heroin prior to the accident.

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