Eagles Looking For O-Line Help Again?

The Eagles have drafted nine offensive linemen in the last three years, so taking more this year wouldn't seem to be necessary. Or would it? In fact, the Eagles may be looking at some young offensive linemen in the draft.

One of the strengths of the Eagles season was the play of their offensive line. Even so, Andy Reid was an offensive lineman and has a history of taking linemen in the draft and the 2007 Draft might not be any different.

Like every other team, the Eagles are looking at a lot of players at this time of year. Of all the players that the Eagles are looking at though a pretty high percentage of them are offensive linemen.

At the Senior Bowl, the Eagles talked to Texas Tech's Manuel Ramirez, Texas' Justin Blalock, Arkansas' Tony Ugoh and Georgia Tech's Mansfield Wrotto. The Eagles will also talk to a number of offensive linemen at the Combine, although those names haven't been disclosed - yet.

Most of the players that the Eagles talked to at the Senior Bowl have been deemed disappointing or aren't considered early round picks.

Ramirez had a disappointing Senior Bowl and likely fell out of consideration for the first day of the draft. That could actually play into the Eagles hands - or wings - since they wouldn't likely take an offensive lineman in the first round anyway. There are also serious concerns about Blalock's ability to succeed at the NFL level as well, so if he slips far enough, he could be a target for the Eagles if they look to take a chance on a player later in the draft. Probably the biggest question mark is Ugoh and some scouts have openly questioned his commitment to the game.

Probably the biggest o-line prospect that the Eagles talked to was Wrotto who was gaining a lot of attention leading up to the Senior Bowl. Wrotto will have a pretty large spotlight at the Combine this week and the Eagles are likely going to be one of the teams holding an official interview with him. Blalock will also be at the Combine and is another player to keep an eye on him. Scouts are divided on exactly what he could bring to a team in the NFL, but some believe that with some work he could become a dominating offensive tackle.

Even though the Eagles have a history of drafting offensive linemen in large numbers, odds are that they're going to look to fill much more glaring needs early in the draft. Any o-line help will likely have to wait until the late rounds, which could rule out players like Wrotto. After all, with Winston Justice and Max Jean-Gilles coming in from last year's draft and Jamaal Jackson, Todd Herremanns and Shawn Andrews playing well, the need for offensive line help isn't a pressing one.

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