A.J. Feeley gets three-year extension

The Eagles sent a definite message about whether or not they would pursue Jeff Garcia in free agency. The message is "no thanks". Instead, the Eagles gave backup A.J. Feeley a three-year extension.

The fact that the Eagles didn't have to give A.J. Feeley an extension speaks volumes. Feeley was under contract through the 2007 season, so the Eagles could have dealt with him later rather than sooner, but decided not to put anything on the back burner. The three-year deal keeps Feeley in Philly through the 2010 season.

"A.J. Feeley has been very productive as a quarterback in Philadelphia," said general manager Tom Heckert. "He's won some games at crucial times for this franchise and he gives us a great amount of confidence as a backup to Donovan McNabb. A.J.'s proven to be very comfortable in this offensive scheme and we look forward to having him in the fold for the next several years."

The signing of Feeley signals that Jeff Garcia won't be back with the Eagles, which has become fairly apparent in recent days. Instead, Feeley will enter free agency and look for a deal with a team that he hopes will both be in contention and give him a chance to start. Garcia's agent, Steve Baker, told Scout.com that he hasn't had substantive talks with the Eagles regarding a deal for Garcia.

With Koy Detmer also a free agent and likely not to be re-signed, the Eagles will look for a third string quarterback in the NFL Draft slated for late April. The search will officially begin at the Combine where the Eagles contingent is judging players eligible for the draft. Detmer's departure will also mean that the team will search for a new holder for David Akers, who was most comfortable with Detmer as his holder.

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