Cowboys LB Gets Titan Offer; Dumps Birds

The Philadelphia Eagles thought they found a nice, fresh linebacker to add to the mix in Dallas' Ryan Fowler. Unfortunately, the deal wound up not being for the Birds.

The Dallas Cowboys will have one week to decide whether or not they want to match the offer sheet given to restricted free agent linebacker Ryan Fowler, but the offer wasn't given by the Eagles as expected. Fowler and the Eagles agreed to a deal Sunday and the paper work for the four-year deal was set to be officially submitted on Monday. However, the Tennessee Titans jumped in with a final offer that was better than the Eagles and gave Fowler almost $1 million more in the first season of the deal. That was enough to move Fowler to Tennessee.

The 24 year old Fowler was hoping that he would receive an offer from the Eagles, where he feels he'll see more playing time. At the time that the Eagles made their offer, Fowler chose them over Tennessee because it appeared that the Eagles would provide him with a better opportunity to start. The added money convinced him that the Titans also looked at him as a starter, providing him with the opportunity that he wanted and the money that would come with it.

In his career with Dallas, Fowler was used primarily on special teams and as a reserve linebacker. He recorded 49 tackles in 32 games as a linebacker and led the Cowboys in special teams tackles last season with 24. Fowler played his college ball at Duke and finished third in school history in tackles (495) and sixth in sacks (12.5).

The Eagles brought Fowler into town last week to talk with him and he expressed his desire to sign with the team then. He openly stated that if the Eagles did give him an offer sheet, he would hope the Cowboys wouldn't match the deal and that he would be free to sign with the Eagles. Fowler stressed at the time that he thought he would be a good match for the Eagles and that he thought they would present him with a good opportunity to get more playing time at linebacker. Now, he's saying basically the same things about Tennessee.

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