Montae Reagor Press Conference Transcript

The Eagles introduced defensive tackle Montae Reagor to the media Wednesday afternoon. Here's the full transcript of what Reagor had to say about signing with the Eagles.

On why he signed with the Eagles:

"Well the deciding factor was this is a great organization. The team is built to win, great coaches here, and I know the mindset of everyone in this organization is to try to build a winning ball club, and hopefully, my leadership and my play can bring something and add to that."

On what gets him excited about being here:

"They want to win to win a championship. They want to bring good character guys here. They want to bring guys that are loyal to the ball club, good character guys, guys that are going to work hard on the field and be good in the community as well. So, it's a very attractive place to be and I'm glad to be here."

On what has to happen for him to be physically ready:

"Physically, I was in a car accident. My swelling [in my eye] has to continue to improve, just get myself back in shape. I haven't been able to workout for awhile, but physically I'm starting to get back to working out, just getting to where I need to be physically, and make myself comfortable with the situation."

On what impact the car accident had on his life:

"I truly believe that the accident has taught me to appreciate life, appreciate the moment. Never get beside yourself. Appreciate the things that you have done. Appreciate people because you never know when it's your time. My life passed right before me, but I'm very, very grateful to be here. My thing is just appreciate life and appreciate what you can do, while you can do it."

On whether it was tough being on the sideline for the Colts Super Bowl run:

"It was very tough being out there on the field and not being able to play, but I did a lot of things behind the scenes and helped to coach in the playoff run. I helped the guys in the locker room, just my leadership, being there helping the defensive linemen continue to study the defense, giving them my input, and just being an inspirational leader. I was fired up for those guys. I was their biggest fan. And I think the part that I played, really helped motivate them to get over the hump."

On his greatest strengths as a defensive tackle:

"I think I bring poise to the game. I think I bring a lot of quickness, a lot of big-play capability. My style of play is a little bit different than what they have here. I'm very quick on my feet. I'm a good pass rusher. They rush the passer here, but I think I have a lot of big plays in me and a lot of big plays left in me, so I truly believe that I can bring a lot of leadership and a lot of competitiveness to the ball club."

On what it was like for him to break down film in the playoffs:

"It was fun getting a little coaching in, breaking down film. It was good to help the guys go over certain situations, certain tendencies of other ball clubs. It kind of gave me a little adrenaline rush because it's always good to be involved in something that you love to do. When it's taken from you by a freak accident, it hurts. But, just to be around those guys, being involved with the guys, it felt great."

On what it was like to be at the Super Bowl:

"Unbelievable. I was very, very fortunate; very, very blessed to be there. The guys understood how emotional I was because I wanted to play so bad, but I couldn't. I begged them to let me put my uniform on just to at least act like I was going to play, but I couldn't do it. It was very, very emotional; a very happy situation, and I'm just glad we came out on top."

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