Talks To Jon Beason, Part 2

In Part Two of's interview with Miami's Jon Beason, the young linebacker prospect talks about his future in the NFL and what type of defense he would fit in well with.

ET: You seem like you have a lot of pride in yourself as an individual, a guy who teams won't have to worry about over character issues.

JB: No, not at all.

ET: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

JB: As far as leisure time, people have this misconception that we just play football, go to practice, and go home. During the season it's a full-time job, six days a week. You get one day off and other than that you have to be there early in the morning, and you're going to be there on your own breaking film down. You don't get much leisure time during the season. So what I like to do during the offseason while in training, when you only have to work out a few hours a day and then you have the rest of the day to do other things, I just like to hang out and relax. Usually you're really tired from your workout and you probably have to get up early the next day. I'm a big DVD guy, so I just like to hang. Down there (Miami) you can go out and experience things like jet-skis and all that type of stuff, but nine chances out of ten I'm probably not going to get drafted to a place where I can go jump on some jet-skis in my spare time. I'm a big team guy; I like hanging out with my boys and relaxing when I have that time.

ET: You said you like to watch DVDs while you're relaxing, what do you like to watch?

JB: I have a big collection. I like more suspense and drama, a little bit of action movies, not so much a hopeless romantic. Some of my favorite movies are Men of Honor, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Lion King, the Bourne Identity and Supremacy movies … anything like that where you have to sit back and think.

ET: Are you in to video games at all like many other college players?

JB: I used to be my freshman year and my sophomore year in college a little bit, but it's crazy, I really haven't been back on video games since then. It just kind of sits there and collects dust and looks nice, but I'm not really a big video game guy more. Once you get older, you're done with class and actually learning what it takes to be a great player. Putting in that extra film work, you don't have a lot of time to sit around and play Madden.

ET: How proud are you of your ability to go out and read and diagnose a play as fast as you do?

JB: Having played for coach (Randy) Shannon who played at the University of Miami, then played for a short time in the league and coached in the NFL, he really taught us how to break down offenses and find any little tip that can give off what they're likely to do - a running play or a pass read - or even just tendencies just make it so much easier. Now it's like you're playing offense because you know the call and the cadence, but defense is all about reacting. I'm happy I had the opportunity to play for him because I think he definitely has an understanding of the game of football, how to break down film and go out and make plays.

ET: As more teams are moving towards the Cover-2 or Tampa-2 defense do you see yourself in the role of weakside linebacker so you're cut loose to exploit the gaps? Or do you see yourself in that system as a middle linebacker who would also draw covering the middle zone on pass plays?

JB: A lot of people don't know that I've only been playing linebacker for three years, and you definitely have to crawl before you can walk. I came in as a safety, so in terms of covering down, as long as you know where your help is I'm pretty sure I could do well at that. At the same time, I'm an aggressive player. I like to take chances and make big plays. So it'd probably be a decision based on who else you had on the field. Is Beason going to help us more covering down or help us more by letting him be roam free back there at the Will? I think I can get both of those done, it just all depends on where they want to put me. This season we had guys get banged up and I had to go play Sam for two games and I didn't miss a beat because it's something I had done before.

ET: You aggravated your knee right before the Combine, tell me what happened.

JB: Well, I had the knee injury this season, I hurt it on October 14th and had to wear the brace for the rest of the season. I came back real quick, but going into the Combine circuit everything was max velocity and a lot of feet work and it was very fatiguing. I had to sit back and actually had to stop with the rehabbing and I really didn't do that until late in the process of getting ready for the Combine. I get to the Combine and the first thing they do is put you on side-back steps which I regret doing, I shouldn't have done it. But I did it anyway and re-aggravated it. I had already committed to the teams; I told them "I'm here to compete, this is the big stage and I want to do everything." That's what I told teams and I didn't want to eat my words or have them think I'm soft, so I went ahead and did it anyway as much as I could.

ET: Even though you weren't able to work out at your Pro Day, did you have some good interaction with some NFL personnel?

JB: Yeah, I talked to a lot of linebacker coaches, a lot of scouts. They wanted to know what my deal was. At the time I felt bad, I thought "all of these guys came to see me run and I didn't do it" so I was like "I'm at least going to do the linebacker drills just to give them something to take back or something to let them see I'm a player." So I went out and did the linebacker drills and I think I did really well in them.

ET: Do you have any visits lined up with teams at this point?

JB: Yeah I'm going to see Cincinnati, the Eagles, the Giants, I can't remember them off the top of my head, everything's after April 5th. I just had a workout with the Patriots -- Bill Belichick actually worked me out, it went really well.

ET: Were you impressed by the fact that Bill Belichick came to check you out himself?

JB: I was, but then again I know he's a hands-on guy. If I were the owner of a team I would let Bill Belichick do everything, because for some reason or another they don't always have all superstars, but they're going to be right there every year. To actually have him out there working me out was a privilege and I hope he took something back from it and thought I was a great player.

ET: Have you heard anything from the Colts on the possibility of a workout? I think you'd be a good fit there as well.

JB: They're coming April 5th for my individual Pro Day. That's also a great program to play for, especially because I see myself in the mold of a Cato June.

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