Reid Considered Walking Away

With his family facing a crisis, Eagles coach Andy Reid admitted that walking away from football was an option. Reid returned to the Eagles full-time Friday and addressed the media.

Andy Reid made no bones about it. His family comes first, even before football. So, with his sons in trouble, Andy Reid had to consider every option and walking away from football was one of them. "So, to say ‘walking away', I can't say that it doesn't cross your mind, but I knew I needed to take some time and make sure I addressed the issue there," admitted Reid when he met with the media on his first day back with the Eagles.

Reid's time away from the team gave him the opportunity to help his sons and to straighten out exactly how he wanted to proceed. "Yeah, I thought it was very productive. But, I'm sitting here before you, so it wasn't something that I was given a time limit on or anything else. I thought we were in the right place. I just wanted to make sure we took care of that," said Reid. While the coach wanted to keep the talk centered on football, the media was naturally curious about his time away. "I can't go in that direction. I would just like you to respect that for right now."

When talk finally settled on football, Reid was in his comfort zone. "We brought in a couple of players here that I think will help us. Obviously, we're continuing to look at the free agent market and trying to better ourselves at all positions if possible," said Reid. "On the other hand, I feel that we've got a pretty good football team coming back. Then, we're attacking the draft likewise as we still work on the free agency part of it." While he focused on the additions to the team, Reid did take a moment to lament one key loss. "Donté [Stallworth] is going to do a heck of a job. I have nothing but good things to say about Donté. He did a nice job for us this past year."

For now, Reid is back to being an NFL coach full-time, but even he admits that the future is up in the air. "It's all football right now. Let's kind of keep it going in that direction," said Reid when asked if another leave of absence could lay ahead for him down the road. In the end though, Reid stressed that he is back to coaching and that while there were some thoughts of walking away, it just wouldn't have been the right decision for him. "I didn't get to that point where I was ready to walk away," stressed Reid. "I just needed time to make sure that I focused on the things that I think are the most important. I was able to do that with the last few weeks."

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