Carriker Unlikely To Fall To Eagles

Every year, teams bring players in for a visit even though they know they're not likely to have a shot at drafting him. It's called covering all the bases. This year, the Eagles have taken a look at Adam Carriker who is likely to be long gone by the time the Eagles pick. Here's a recent interview with Carriker, just in case.

Ed Thompson: One of your early visits was with the Eagles. Tell us a bit about that trip, because you'd be a great addition to their defense.

Adam Carriker: I met with the coaches, ate with them, watched a little film, talked to them a bit. It went well. I got to meet with (Head) Coach Reid, but spent most of my time with the D-Line coach.

ET: What was your impression of their defense and how you would fit into it?

AC: I think they're mostly looking at me as a defensive end, possibly defensive tackle. I got to watch them work the D-Linemen out. I think I'd fit in very well.

ET: Run down through the visits that are on your schedule.

AC: In addition to the Eagles, the Rams, Jets, Redkins, Steelers and the Saints.

ET: Do you know when you're going to be in each city?

AC: I do not; I don't know the whole schedule. A lot of them have been set up without me knowing. My agents just do it and then tell me when to be ready to go.

ET: How hard is that on you, especially since you're married. Has that been tough to sort of live day-to-day like that?

AC: No, it doesn't bother me. It's fine with me. All I do right now is workout anyways, so it's not like I have a whole lot of plans.

ET: How about personal workouts, did you have any leading up to your visits?

AC: I didn't. Nobody came in. The last workouts I've done for any of the teams was my Pro Day.

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ET: How did you feel about your Pro Day?

AC: I thought I did well. I re-ran my 40 and ran a 4.7 this time so I felt pretty good about that.

ET: You seem like such an intense individual out there on the field, and I know you take that same intensity towards your academics. What do you do for fun?

AC: I like to hang out with friends, go to movies. I love to play cards and video games and whatnot… maybe go skiing, a little four-wheeling here and there. I definitely have a lighter side to me as well.

ET: What kind of cards do you like to play?

AC: I love to play hearts, it's a great game. You've probably never heard of this, but I like to play "Oh, Heck." It's a game my grandparents and my whole family plays. Those are probably the two games I play the most.

ET: How about video games? What kind of games do you like?

AC: Football, and I like Mario Kart. Actually, I have a Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 that were given to me as presents and I love to play them. I actually like the older games; NBA Jams… those games are a lot of fun.

ET: When you play football games, are you playing the college level ones, where you've got yourself out there on the field?

AC: Yes, right now, I definitely play NCAA Football. And next year I might have to make the jump to Madden so I can play as myself.

ET: At the Combine you told me you had a ton of formal interviews. Who were some of the coaches that you just found a little connection with or just really felt like you were going to fit well with from a personal style perspective?

AC: Pretty much the whole Carolina Panthers staff. The whole staff, their head coach and everybody. It was just kind of a real loose meeting. We just seemed to really get along well and kind of gel.

ET: That kind of surprises me, because it sounds like one of the things that appealed to you was a very relaxed type of atmosphere. Am I just reading you wrong or are you not as intense of a guy as you come off as?

AC: No, I'm definitely intense. But when you're just sitting there talking to somebody, you don't want somebody in your face. You want to be able to relax and kind of enjoy conversation with them. I realize it's an interview for a job and whatnot and different teams definitely take different approaches, but I like their approach too.

ET: Is there anything else I can share with the fans, either about you personally or as a player that you don't think we've touched on?

AC: I'm definitely a hard worker and an intense individual on the field. But at the same time I don't think you can be that way all the time in life or you're going to have problems. You've got to be two different people. Off the field I like to be a little bit different than I am on the field. So it's just kind of two different personalities.

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