Quarterback A Long Shot, But...

The definite focus has been on defense as the Eagles prepare for the draft. Still, there's always the chance that they could throw a wrinkle into things and go a completely different direction. If they do, quarterback wouldn't be a bad direction to look.

Ed Thompson: How have things been going for you these days?

John Beck: Going pretty good. We have just been continuing to work out. Still throwing. Still lifting and running. And my wife just had a baby boy.

ET: Congratulations … boy, that really does add a little extra wrinkle to this whole process doesn't it?

JB: Yeah, it changes my sleep that's for sure [laughs].

ET: John, what do you think your strengths are going into this NFL Draft process that distinguishes you from some of the other quarterbacks?

JB: Well, I know that probably every quarterback would say that they love the game of football and they love to compete. But I feel like if I am going to be put next to someone or in a situation with someone, I am going to find a way to love the game more and compete more. That's just my personality, that's just who I am. I'm trying to find the highest level, and if I find someone that might be close to me, I am going to find a way to want it that much more. Going into this, I consider myself to be a perfectionist in the way I practice and the way that I approach the game. I try to prepare as best as I possibly can and execute when it comes to game time. I feel like when it comes to the quarterback position I have just put a lot of time and effort in to it. Because I have put in so much, I expect so much from myself, so I consider that to be one of my strengths. I never get tired of working, especially for this. It's what I love. It's what I want to do and it's what I want to be successful at.

John Beck on the move (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
ET: Would you say that going through your progressions out there in live action is one of your strengths?

JB: Oh yeah, I practice on this position. For me, I am not trying to be good at it; I am trying to master it. I am trying to be the best. Not only the best I can be, but the best. When I go out there I feel very comfortable because of the preparation I put in to it. Any time that you put in all your effort and all your work, when you step out there you expect to feel confident and calm. So, when I am on the football field, I can feel totally focused and totally calm at the same time just because I spend so much time working on it.

ET: John, I noticed that in 2006, you had sprains to both ankles. Did that happen at the same time?

JB: It was the same game. I got a high ankle sprain on my right ankle sprain in the Arizona game and I had to wear a boot for the next six weeks. Then I had a really bad sprain on my left ankle in the same game on a different play. So, when the Arizona game ended, in the locker room after the game, I thought I had broke both of my ankles for sure because when the game ended, I couldn't stand on them. I couldn't even sit. Just having my ankles attached to my body killed me. So I was actually happy to know that I didn't break them and that I just had to go and wear a boot. It was difficult because I would have to be on crutches for the entire week. I would get off the crutches to practice. And then once practice ended, I would get back on crutches, tape them up and raise them.

ET: Did you ever worry that you were doing damage that could end up hurting your future career in the NFL?

JB: No, I knew it was a serious injury but I knew that I couldn't injure them much worse. I think because I played on them, they never got better. So, I was playing on them so much, taking hits, taking weird angles and getting caught weird. I don't know, you are going to have to break my leg to get me off the field. I consider that one of my strengths. I am not going to complain because I got a little bruise or something let that. I am not going to let something that may hinder me a little bit take me out of the game. Something that would hinder me, I am going to find a way to beat it that way I can still stay in the game and play.

ET: What are your thoughts as you think about draft weekend?

JB: I'm very excited for this opportunity and I can't wait to start that next step up the mountain. I've always kind of considered my journey through my football career a big mountain, a big obstacle. I have had tough things along the way, disappointment, you name it. I think I have experienced everything you can possibly experience and I feel like that's made me a stronger individual because of it. And now as I look to the peak of that mountain, I don't quite know where it is, but I know with each step I keep moving upward. So, I am just excited for that, to know where my next step's going to be and how am I going to take it.

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