Keep The Phones Handy On Draft Day

The NFL Draft is known for not just bringing young players into the NFL, it's known for teams talking trade. So, will the Eagles be aggressors in the trade market, will they listen to offers or will they simply stay where they're at and be contented with that?

The 26th pick in the draft is a tough spot to be in. Sure, it means that you had a good year the previous season, but it also means that getting a player who can give immediate help isn't very likely. There's always the option of trading out of the spot, whether it's up or down.

The Eagles are already minus one draft pick from the deal that brought Donte Stallworth to Philadelphia for one season. Because of that deal, the New Orleans Saints are proud owners of the Birds' fourth round pick, giving the Eagles just six draft picks. Because of that, Andy Reid is going to be very slow to give up a draft pick to move up. If he can package their first round pick and a player to move up, it's possible, but giving up another pick isn't likely.

Moving down is more of an option, since the Eagles could get a comparable player in the early-to-mid second round and pick up another pick by dealing down in the draft. That may be the best way for the Eagles to approach day one of the draft, unless they see a player they like falling down toward their neighborhood.

The Eagles haven't had any conversations about moving into the upper echelons of the draft, so if you're waiting for Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas or JeMarcus Russell to come to Philadelphia, stop waiting. It's not going to happen.

The way the draft is playing out, it's likely that the Eagles can simply stay where they are and get a player that they like and it's likely that their phones will stay relatively quiet on Draft Day.

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