Eagles Day Starts With Long Wait

Day two of the NFL Draft will start very slowly for the Philadelphia Eagles. As part of their deal that brought Donte Stallworth over from the Saints last season, they don't have a fourth round pick, unless they can package a deal that would move them up.

As things stand now, the Eagles will have to sit back and watch 53 other picks made on day two of the NFL Draft before they get a chance to make a pick. Their pick will be made by the New Orleans Saints as compensation for Donte Stallworth, who the Eagles brought over from the Saints for the 2006 season.

Thanks to their deal with the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles do have two fifth round picks and could possibly look to move up if they see a player they would like to grab. Such a move isn't out of the question, since there are a couple of players on the board that the Eagles could have some interest in taking.

Among those players are safeties Josh Gattis (Wake Forest), Josh Wendling (Wyoming) and Michael Johnson (Arizona). Cornerbacks still on the list include Tanard Jackson (Syracuse) and Fred Bennett (South Carolina). The best players still on the board would include Jackson and Bennett along with RB Antonio Pittman (Ohio State), RB Aundrae Allison (East Carolina) and TE Ben Patrick (Delaware).

The Eagles have two fifth round picks - numbers 159 and 162 overall - to go with a sixth round pick (#201) and a seventh round pick (#236).

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