Eagles Address Secondary & Offense On Day Two

The Eagles finished up their 2007 Draft without getting a safety. They did add a couple of cornerbacks and some interesting pieces for their offense.

C.J. Gaddis (Clemson) was the first name that the Eagles called on day two of the NFL Draft. Gaddis is the closest thing to a safety that the Eagles drafted even though he played at the corner in college. He projects as a strong safety, but has had some coverage problems during his career at Clemson.

Rashad Barksdale (Albany) was the second of two cornerbacks that the Eagles picked in the draft. Barksdale has a little size, but a lot of draft experts aren't convinced of his ability to play long-term in the NFL.

With their other two picks, the Eagles went for offense, drafting TE Brent Celek (Cincinnati) and Hawaii RB Nate Ilaoa. Celek has the ability to catch passes over the middle and is also known as a tenacious blocker who loves to initiate contact. Ilaoa started his college career as a wide receiver, but was moved to running back where he projects as a third-down/short yardage type back in the NFL.

In all, the Eagles drafted eight players, two more than they had initially planned on getting when they came into the draft. The two additional players came in the deal that they pulled off with the Cowboys on Saturday. Of the eight players, there were four each for offense (QB, TE and two RB) and defense (DE, LB and two cornerbacks).

The Eagles spent a good chunk of Sunday trying to deal Ryan Moats, without any luck. With the addition of two running backs in the draft, including Penn State's Tony Hunt, Moats' days in Philadelphia may be numbered.

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