Marty Mornhinweg Press Conference Transcript

Marty Mornhinweg addressed the media about what he's seen from the Eagles' offense in mini-camp. We've got all his thoughts in one place with our Press Conference Transcript.

Opening Remarks:
"We're right in the middle of the first week with the veterans. A lot of the base and nickel runs are emphasized early in practice against bags. Base play-action movement screens as well as nickel passes--I'm talking about the passing game there--we are emphasizing that. Just a few situations in this first week and next week we'll get into more situations. Many of our veterans look sharp. Most of our rookies and new players are doing a heck of a job. So, that's where we're at."

On how hard it is for rookie RBs Tony Hunt and Nate Ilaoa on the field:
"Either one of those players sure has an opportunity to help us in his rookie year. Much of that opportunity is left up to that individual player. Now, we do ask a lot of our half back position. It could be, situationally, helping us throughout the year. It's up to the individual player."

On WR Reggie Brown's development at this stage in his career:
"Well, he was fortunate in his rookie year due to injuries [to other players]. He got ample playing time so that was a good thing for him, individually. And then in his second year, he worked extremely hard and prepared very hard. About midseason last year he really started playing at a high level on a consistent basis. I know that he really made a jump between his first and second year, and about midseason it really paid off for him and for us as a team. He's really a good receiver now, so going into his third year I'd expect him to be really consistent."

On QB A.J. Feeley and where he is now in his career:
"Well these reps are important for A.J. You saw what he can do, previous to his career here and last year against Atlanta [in the final game of the season]. I think he's a heck of a QB. He can really drop back and throw the football and so [he's] certainly working on timing and accuracy at this point with all the new receivers that we have."

On the receivers and who fits into what role:
"Well, there are many roles to be played. Some players become starters or they play a specific position for us in some of our substitution packages. And other players become role players and we use them in certain situations or on certain routes of certain plays certain downs and distances. We have very good quality with the receivers and some depth as well. There are going to be some dog fights there to make the football team and for playing time in those situations."

On the impact of TEs L.J. Smith and Matt Schobel not being able to practice:
"Well L.J.'s a veteran now, so the critical thing for him, when he comes back full speed, is to get him some real good work and shake the rust off. I'm not quite as concerned because he's a veteran. He's had many, many reps and he played for us as a young player, even as a rookie. Matt Schobel's been with us for one year so I'm not quite as concerned with him because he is a veteran and he's got a lot of experience under his belt. But, both of those men, when they come back it will be critical."

On the rarity of having all five offensive linemen healthy at the same time:
"Well, that's why this football team has depth in its offensive line and that's one of the reasons that offensive line is critical. Second, it's important they play together as a unit, more important than individually, and everything starts with the offensive line. Many times the teams that go deep into the playoffs all five or four have played together all year. They had none or maybe one injury, and that happens quite often in this league and that's how important the offensive line is to this league."

On WR Kevin Curtis' transition from the Rams offense to the Eagles offense:
"You start with terminology first. Then you go on from there. It's a whole different system; even the philosophy is just a little bit different. The emphasis is just a little bit different on certain aspects. You've got terminology. You've got route running, you run after the catch. Even some of the schematics are a little bit different and he's adjusting very well. He's done a good job up to this point and I'd expect him to continue to get better everyday, through training camp as well."

On the future of QB Kelly Holcolmb:
"Well, he's a veteran. He's seen many situations. Here's what we have at quarterback: it's just a perfect scenario. We've got Donovan McNabb, one of the best quarterbacks in this league, coming off of a major injury, and then we have both A.J. and Kelly, who have been back- ups, who have done a heck of a job in that role. Then when they got the chance to start they've made the most of it. Then we have a young rookie [Kevin Kolb] that's in the developmental stage right now. So, I think the scenario right now is very good for us and you have to remember we play four preseason games as well. Kelly's handled it beautifully. So, many things can happen and it can happen quick. Kelly's a veteran and his whole mentality is, 'I'm going to get better everyday and let the chips fall.'"

On keeping four QBs in the line-up:
"Well, other teams have, but we've got Donovan coming off of a major injury. He's ahead of schedule and he looks great. When he works out I can't tell he's had an injury. Then we play four preseason games, so you've got an injury factor there as well."

On how the young offensive linemen expect to do without experience:
"[Offensive line Coach] Juan's [Castillo] done an excellent job with the reserves as well. At any point, a reserve player can be in starting, so it's important that they've come a long way since they've been rookies. This camp, these mini camps, training camp and preseason games will be important for those backup players."

On the Rams offensive compared to the Eagles offensive:
"There are a lot of differences. It would take quite a long time to go through all of them. The emphasis is a little different in some things. The route running is a little bit different. They run much different routes than we do. Yes, they drive the ball down the field much more. However, we can make big plays. It's just the style, the emphasis, and the manner in which we do things is quite a bit different than the way they do things, starting with the quarterbacks footwork to the receivers' routes. It's quite a bit different there."

On whether he will incorporate or eliminate Kevin Curtis' experience in the Rams offense:
"Oh, you don't want to eliminate it. That's great experience. However, we do things a certain way and we'll certainly play to his strengths and put him in positions where we think he can have a chance to succeed."

On the difference in Curtis' role here at the Eagles:
"He's a starter here for the most part. At St. Louis, he was an inside player. But, he did start more than a handful of games outside. He did a nice job there when the starter went down there. He views himself as an outside receiver and that's important. As we go he'll play inside, outside, and [we'll] move him around a bit. He's done a good job. I think, maybe, we're emphasizing the difference in offenses just a little bit. It's still fickle."

On what Curtis gives the Eagles offense:
"Up to this point he's been very consistent in his career. He catches the football, he's an excellent route runner, and he's got excellent speed. So, we can do some things with that."

On the importance of getting the offensive linemen to the right body type:
"That's a good point. Some of these young men are still developing, 330 pounds and they're still growing. Our strength coaches and trainers do a great job there, as well as the physician coaches. But that's important."

On whether he wants the players to focus on being at the right weight:
"One of the many things, that's right, that's important in what weight you're going to play at. You've seen our right guard [Shawn Andrews]. He's a tremendous player at 380, but he's even better at 340, 350."

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