Reid: Competition Starts Now

If anyone in Eagles' mini-camp thinks they're not under the microscope, they're wrong. For Andy Reid, the battles need to be in full gear if they're going to win a spot.

Andy Reid is demanding. He expects the best at all times. If anybody on the Eagles doubted that, he made it perfectly clear Wednesday when he declared the battles well under way. "Competition is good for everybody and it brings out the best in everybody. It's not a matter of waiting until Lehigh," stressed Reid. "You better be starting now and making progress and keeping yourself in shape."

While the warning should be heeded by everybody, the news should be hitting some players harder than others. For one, A.J. Feeley needs to be battling from day one with what will be a crowded quarterback group. With Donovan McNabb not in camp, Feeley is getting extra reps and needs to make the most of them. "When you think about it, when [Feeley] came back he wasn't able to get a lot of reps from the first camp. So, this allows him to get back in the swing with those guys and let them hear him make the calls. So, I think it's a positive thing," said Reid. Kelly Holcomb is another veteran in camp and there will also be a lot of eyes on Kevin Kolb, who was the surprise of the Eagles draft back in April.

As for McNabb, the Eagles will give him as much time as he needs to heal and won't push him more than they feel is absolutely necessary. "We're just giving him little steps to take to still be productive until his return," announced Reid. Overall though, the news on McNabb is encouraging and the Eagles believe that he should be in good shape once the season gets here and they're hopeful that he will be able to jump in late in training camp and have himself ready for the season.

Some new faces are also trying to fit in and are having varying degrees of problems. For Bethel Johnson, the transition isn't as tough as it may be for others since he played for former Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress in Minnesota last season. Meanwhile, Kevin Curtis played in a similar offense with the Rams, but is learning a lot of new things with the Eagles. He's also not getting an early chance to acclimate himself with McNabb. The only passes that Curtis has been able to take from McNabb have been on the sidelines during McNabb's rehab. "If you had your wish, you would obviously want them [practicing together]. I don't think they're going to have a problem down the road," said Reid.

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