Andy Reid Press Conference Transcript

Andy Reid talked about the new faces in mini-camp, the old faces and of course, Donovan McNabb. Read all about it with our Press Conference Transcript.

Opening Remarks:
"The guys that did not practice today, [WR] Zac Collie, he has a fibula stress fracture; he's getting better and won't practice this camp. [WR/KR] Bethel Johnson, same thing, he will not practice this camp. [TE] L.J. Smith had sports hernia surgery and he will not practice. [QB] Donovan [McNabb] with the ACL surgery did not practice. [OT] William Thomas, with the knee surgery will not practice, and [TE] Matt Schobel strained his hamstring during this practice. It's good to get everyone out here, we've had rookies and selected veterans for the past few days. For the most part we've had everyone out there and practicing. [FS] Brian Dawkins was excused again for personal reasons. With the exception of that we've had everyone else that's not injured out there and practicing."

On how the rookies are getting back into practice:
"It was a review for them; they've done all these plays a couple times. They were able to get in there and function without a lot of thinking. The thing that happens though, it's faster. Everything was slowed down last week. This week the intensity level was picked up."

On whether there are any changes in the rookies with the veterans practicing with them at this camp:
"The young guys understand a little bit better and they are able to function better now then they were. The first three days they were lost, for the most part. So long as you can mix them in with veteran players."

On how long L.J. Smith will be out:
"I'm not going to put a time limit on it, but I think he'll be ready for training camp."

On whether competition for jobs start now or at training camp:
"It started the first day they came back just a few weeks ago. That's how you go about it and set it up that way. Competition is good for everybody and it brings out the best in everybody. It's not a matter of waiting until Lehigh. You better be starting now and making progress and keeping yourself in shape."

On whether Bethel Johnson has any advantage learning the offense since he was a in a west-coast offense last season in Minnesota:
"The one advantage he had is that he was with [Vikings Head Coach] Brad [Childress] last year in Minnesota. So, he's had an introduction to the offense. When he gets healthy there's not a lot of difference there."

On McNabb and how close he is to being ready for camp this year:
"He's trying to be smart with it and keep the swelling out of there, which he's done a great job with and he's working like crazy. We're just giving him little steps to take to still be productive until his return." On whether McNabb being sidelined helps QB AJ Feeley in any way:
"I think it's more reps for the first group, which is a positive thing. When you think about it, when [Feeley] came back he wasn't able to get a lot of reps from the first camp. So, this allows him to get back in the swing with those guys and let them hear him make the calls. So, I think it's a positive thing"

On how Feeley looks this season:
"He's doing a good job; [he] looks smooth and he's calm and controlled. He looks like he did when we had him before, back in the swing."

On where Reid wants LB Jeremiah Trotter to be with his weight:
"I thought he looked good out there today. His weight is down. As you get a little bit older your body's beat up a little bit. You lose a pound here or there in your career and I think it helps you out a little bit. But, he did a nice job today."

On whether he was just looking for bodies at TE:
"We're down to two right now and they're both rookies. They did a nice job sucking it up out there and running all those routes that we ran. It is truly a passing camp so they're getting a few reps. We'll see what goes on down the road regarding Schobel's hamstring."

On what changes he wants to see different in the LBs:
"I just want good, consistent, solid play on both the pass and the run game; we were deficient a bit in the run game [last season], but that wasn't all the linebackers. Starts up front then goes all the way through the backfield. We just have to be more consistent there."

On how big the timing issue is with WR Kevin Curtis and Donovan not being able to practice:
"You'd love to have them working together. They've gotten a few throws on the side with Donovan's rehab. If you had your wish, you would obviously want them [practicing together]. I don't think they're going to have a problem down the road."

On what it means to not have TE/LS Mike Bartrum playing:
"I think we all miss him not being here, but the main thing is he gets himself back healthy."

On his appearance on WIP radio on Monday morning:
"I do that every year, I go there every year, and it's something I really look forward to."

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