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>Winfield back in good graces
Cornerback Antoine Winfield and head coach Brad Childress resolve problems.  (

>According to agent, improved line of communiciation was the key
One of cornerback Antoine Winfield's agents, Ashanti Webb, says communication between player and head coach was the underlying factor in his absence at previous OTAs.  Webb said that Winfield's level of communication with Childress was at 'level 1' back in January.  Today, it's 'level 10' (10 being the best).  Webb says the issue boiled down to communcation.  There were misunderstandings by both sides.  They needed to find out where each person was coming from and they needed to clear the air.  Webb says that was the root of the problem.  (

>Winfield more in tune with Childress, ready to work
Agent acknowledges Winfield just needed a break, that bad publicity over incident bothered his client.  (StarTribune)

>Winfield, Childress talk it out
Whatever their differences, kudos to both sides for talking to one another until they were able to work things out.  Too often in conflicts like this both sides communicate to the media instead of with one another.  Hats off to both Winfield and Childress for working things out.  Said Childress:  "I'm glad he's going to be back.  He's a seasoned veteran, a good football player and a good person."  The public record from Winfield's camp was equally positive.  "I'd say that the process really worked out," one of Winfield's agents, Ashanti Webb said.  "He and Brad have been able to build a really good relationship."  (FOXSports)

>Winfield set to return for OTAs
Apparently cornerback Antoine Winfield and head coach Brad Childress have smoothed out their differences, because Childress announced Saturday that Winfield would participate in the team's voluntary OTA workouts beginning this Monday at Winter Park.  An open dialogue between the two seems to have brought about reconciliation.  (

>Maybe Vikings were right about Culpepper and Moss?
The fat lady has yet to sing on the NFL careers of Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss, but at this point in time it appears the Vikings unloaded both players at just the right time on the continuum of productivity.  Dave Myers of the LaCrosse Tribune points out some cold, hard facts on the cost of those two blockbuster trades, especially for the acquiring teams.  From an economic standpoint, the Dolphins paid Culpepper $8 million for the 1-3 start they got from him as their starting quarterback early last season.  The Raiders’ $15 million investment in Moss returned a total of five plays over 40 yards, including just one last year.  The Vikings front office took a lot of criticism over those moves.  Perhaps it’s time to eat some crow?  ( (Culpepper stats) (Moss stats)

>Forward focus for Greenway
After extensive rehab for his injured knee, linebacker Chad Greenway is ready for a breakout season as the starting weakside linebacker.  (

>Vikings PR director Hagan chosen for training
One of the team's unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes is their director of public relations, Bob Hagan, who was recently chosen for a week at Stanford University business school for training based on his future executive potential.  Congrats, Bob, who is a quality, quality guy.  (Sid Hartman

>Gilliam will be missed
Nobody has been more responsible for any success the Vikings have had over the past 36 years in finding good talent than former director of player personnel Frank Gilliam.  It's hard to imagine the team couldn't find a role for him moving forward, but so it goes.  (StarTribune

>Former Viking Brent Boyd among retired players still paying the price
Brent Boyd was a third-round pick by the Vikings in 1980.  He played seven seasons with the team.  Unfortunately, like so many retired veterans, the afteraffects of his playing career still linger.  (StarTribune)

>Veteran Sharper likes idea of NFL concussion summit
"If it's bad, then they should shut guys down and not let them play any more," Vikings safety Darren Sharper says.  "Guys will want to put themselves at risk because they don't know any better.  The league and the union needs to protect guys from themselves."  (StarTribune)(What is a concussion?)

>The weekly inside slant of the Vikings
A nice summary of the past week's activities surrounding the team, including contract figures for players re-signed and acquired during the offseason (

>Ex-Viking Johnson could be re-signed by Eagles
Bethel Johnson could not pass his physical after being signed away from the Vikings as an unrestricted free agent this offseason due to a stress-fractured tibia.  But he could be re-signed by the Eagles if he can pass a physical before training camp opens.  (

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