Stuff to Do: Games, Training Camp, and More

Track Cleveland football events automatically with the new OBR calendars and forums...

Jonesing for some football and can't wait until training camp? Did you know that a Cleveland football team will be taking on a team from alarmingly close to that Pittsburgh "thing" this Saturday?

The upcoming tussle between the North Coast Vikings and New Castle Thunder is just one of many items listed on the new OBR Event Calendar. Find out about training camp practice times, game schedules, OBR radio times, and upcoming chats on the calendar.

Plus, if you use Google Calendar already, you can subscribe to OBR calendar and get event listings plugged right in. Alternatively, plug the RSS feed in to your feed reader and stay up-to-date without having to constantly check the calendar.

Information for the internet's leading community of Browns fans doesn't end there, however. Keep an eye on the new Road Trips and Get Togethers Forums and Ticket Exchange Forum for the latest Backer events and other events for the Browns faithful.

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