Don't Worry About How Well Curtis Will Fit In

Kevin Curtis established himself as one of the league's better slot receivers with the Rams, where he caught 100 passes, 10 for touchdowns, in the last two seasons. Now, he will make the jump to starter with the Eagles after signing a six-year, $32 million deal with them in the off-season.

The Eagles signed the ex-Ram in the off-season to replace departed Donte Stallworth. Curtis was very productive as a slot receiver in St. Louis behind Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt, but the Eagles will be looking for him to line up on the outside and he'll likely be facing the better cornerbacks in the NFL.

The Eagles' complex West Coast offense is a tough learn for a new receiver, particularly for a guy coming from an offense like the Rams, which is nothing like the one the Eagles run. But Curtis is a smart guy. "It is different. The rules are different, how they run their motions, to some of the things with pressure, blitzes. A lot of different routes as well," admitted Curtis. "There's a lot of things I've never done before, as far as some of the routes we run and the way we read things. I don't think it's any more complicated than the offense I've been with (in St. Louis). It's just new."

"It's a whole different system," offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. "Even the philosophy is a little bit different on certain aspects.

A bigger hurdle for him might be the fact that he wasn't able to work with Donovan McNabb much in the off-season because the quarterback was recovering from his knee injury. He did spend a couple of weeks in late June out at McNabb's home in Phoenix working out with him, which should help them sharpen their timing before the start of the season. The two looked to be in perfect sync on Thursday when Curtis ran a go-route and left the defender in the dust, and McNabb planted a strike to him 45 yards downfield and Curtis never even interrupted his stride to pull in the catch. Right after that, McNabb went to Reggie Brown who also dropped his defender for an easy 30 yard play. The Eagles can only hope that the tandem of Curtis and Brown will be able to duplicate those heroics in the real season, giving the Eagles a potent passing attack.

Last season, Brown was teamed up with Donte' Stallworth, who averaged 19.1 yards per catch for the Eagles last season, but had trouble staying healthy. Speed-wise, Curtis can compete with Stallworth, but his size could come into question. At 5-11 and 186 pounds, will Curtis have trouble getting off the line on the outside against bump coverage?

Mornhinweg is discovering that Curtis is a quick study. "You've got terminology, route-running, even some of the schematics are a little bit different. But he's adjusted very well. He's done a good job to this point and I would expect him to continue to get better every day, through training camp as well," explained Mornhinweg.

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