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Packers fans offer their thoughts and question direction of team's offense

Thompson has done good job of building team
Hi Todd,
I'm looking forward to a good season, and I believe Brandon Jackson is the answer at running back, knock on wood. I know I'm going out on a limb, but when I watch this kid he reminds me of Ahman Green's younger days. I understand he is a little more smaller, but he has been good so far.

I also like what I'm seeing out of the rest of the team ... there is chemistry on the defense finally and the offense is picking it up day by day. This team is gonna be good, and I think all those Ted Thompson haters should finally shut up and applaud Ted because he is finding guys to contribute to this team drafted and undrafted and the coaches are doing a hell of a job. I for one have supported Ted the whole way. I am a proud Packer fan and all those fans who talk bad about are personnel and coaching staff should open their eyes a little bit and give those guys in the office a break!!!!
Tyler Robinson, tyler_045988@hotmail.com, Zumbrota, Minn.

Packers can benefit with two kickers
Why not keep both kickers? If I remember correctly, Longwell was not that great in kickoffs, but could kick 50-plus yard field goals. This happens more often than people think, that's why there should be another position on the roster called KS, which means "Kickoff Specialist." This should go to Crosby or Rayner. Whoever can kick the farthest, so that there is a less of a chance of a return! And other teams start at the 20 yard line. Another reason is: What happens if one of them pulls a hamstring? Then what? Barker? As far as I know Barker has not attempted a field goal yet!!!!

As far as keeping three quarterbacks, I don't see the need to do that with the very dependable Brett at the helm. Aaron Rodgers, although looked good, makes a great back up quarterback. Brett getting carried off the field is the only way you're going to get Brett off the field from what I've seen the last 16 Years at Green Bay!

All and all, it should be a fun year for the Packers. Brett breaking records all over the place, and putting Green Bay on the map for some time to come. if and when he retires, which by the looks of things won't happen for a few years, why make age an issue? MANY NFL players have played past the age of 40! And effectively. So to me It's No Big Deal!

The only issue is "Getting Off To A Fast Start." At times, the Packers have looked sloppy, and the dropped balls is also an big issue! This can't happen. Plain and simple!!! Running backs need to gain more than a 4.0 average!

In closing, how will the Packers do? So far there are a few good surprises, it seems that the draft has worked somewhat better than people thought in looking around! Playoffs are in focus IF the Packers remain on this "Fast Start" And NOT LET UP!!!!!!
Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Arden, N.C.

Packers should have selected RB higher in draft
I met you in '97 at a preseason game with the Patriots. That year the Packers ended up in the Super Bowl. Anyway, here's my question: Why did we pass on getting a running back? Everyone knows you plan on a worst case scenario, not to mention that we just plain needed one, like Henderson or Green. I just don't understand it. The Patriots are acting like they want to win with the right balance between draft and free agency.
Bill Doughty (Packer fan since 1964), WDout@aol.com, Portland, Maine

Good to get your email, Bill!
Hope all is well. I guess all we can do is put our trust in Ted Thompson. He's been doing a great job of building the team from the inside out. I think we need to give Jackson and Morency a chance, but I know what you mean. It would be a peace of mind thing with a veteran RB.
-- Todd Korth

Time to call Corey Dillon
Hey Todd,
With all the injuries to our backfield, it's time for the Packers to give Corey Dillon a look. Seems like our RB's cannot stay healthy. It would be ridiculous to go into the regular season with a banged up backfield, is not fair to the team.

Dillon is exactly what they need, he's a bruiser, and perfect for short and goal situations, which was our achilles heel last year.

I hope they make a smart decision here. Good luck Packers!
Lou, louiem007@bellsouth.net, Boca Raton, FL

How about adding a play-maker to the offense?
Hey Todd,
I have remained silent virtually all summer thus far, very willing to let things shake out here at camp and give the team a chance to show its wares. Now I am getting anxious and I am sure a lot of fans are as well. I think what the majority expected this season is exactly what it is shaping up to be - very strong defense but no weapons thus a pretty lame offense - and that was if everyone on offense stayed healthy!!

I have to think Ted didn't pray enough or cross his fingers hard enough or knock on wood hard enough as his already short-handed and short on experience offense has been damaged but good by injury. He better be praying or doing something to bring good karma now in hopes that Driver can survive the season and be close to his Pro-Bowl self.

My question to you and the rest of the Report staff is will we see him make any moves now? Rumors are flying - Chris Chambers looks to be coming available or could perhaps be had for cheap in a trade. Other experienced veterans with plenty of tread left on their tires will be released. I have to think with the injuries the team has experienced thus far on offense something has to be done - that is if he truly is a man of his word and wants to win now like he said. With the offense the way it is now, who is he kidding other than himself? Any insight you may have on this with the cuts upcoming?
Jeff D., jdpackfan2003@yahoo.com, Kearney, NE
I suspect when the Packers announce their final cuts Saturday afternoon that they also will be acquiring a player or two from different teams. I wouldn't be surprised if one of those players is a running back. Vernand Morency is making every attempt to return as quickly as possible, but his status is still questionable. Jackson should be OK, but defenses are not going to be too concerned with him yet. If Thompson can get a good veteran, or better yet, an up and coming young RB, on the cheap, look for him to pull the trigger.

Acquiring Turner from Chargers makes the best sense
Like most Cheeseheads, I am also a little apprehensive about our rb situation. I have always been a TT supporter and trust his guidance of our club and still do, but that doesn't cover the fact that we have a big question mark at RB. I feel if we get a RB now it will cost us less, because there are so many that are going to be out there in about 24 hours.

Maybe it's infatuation, or the fear of the unknown, but I would love for us to go and acquire Michael Turner from San Diego for mutiple reasons. One being, we need a experienced back with home run hitting skills, a back that knows how to pick up a blitz and read a defense, even though Brandon is going to be a very good pro back why not have quality depth at the position. Look at the Buffalo Bills in the late '80s, they had Kenneth Davis backing up Thurman Thomas for many years. Although Davis didn't do much during his stay in GB, he turned out to be a damn good back that we would have liked to have had back.

My point is why can't we have quality depth at the position, and if that means having Brandon backing up Turner for 4-5 years, so be it, that only makes us stronger. And my last reason being, why not give up a second round selection to get him, or put Vernand in the deal along with a third or fourth rounder. How many years do we need 12 picks in the draft? Our team is at the point where we need quality, not quantity ... a bird in the hand so to speak.

All of our main positions are stocked with good to great depth except RB, LB, and safety. That's only three positions, so why not fix one of them now, then use free agency to fix one of the others, and then use the draft to get better?

That's my 2 cents worth and I appreciate you taking time to read it.

Packer forever,
Jason Anderson, bubbalofton@yahoo.com, Fargo, ND

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