Behind Enemy Lines - Part 4

Behind Enemy Lines concludes with Part 4...'s Chris Steuber asked's Todd Korth five final questions about the Packers before tomorrow's big game.

CS: Brett Favre has looked good in the preseason. Is this a rejuvenated Favre or a player setting a team up for disappointment?

TK: Favre still enjoys playing football. He is not necessarily rejuvenated because he always keeps himself in good shape and he is always focused on football. He doesn't have much for play-makers around him, so the team will rely on him quite a bit this season to put the ball into the end zone.

CS: The Packers are in a similar situation with the Eagles. They have former first round pick Aaron Rodgers backing up Brett Favre, while the Eagles have rookie Kevin Kolb backing up Donovan McNabb. What kind of advice do you give Eagles fans that want to see a new era begin behind center?

TK: Be thankful for McNabb. It would be unrealistic to think that a rookie could step in and lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl this season. McNabb has the experience, which is valuable in the NFL, and Kolb simply doesn't.

Rodgers is ready to step in as the starter for Favre, but he also is entering this third season. He has progressed each year and has studied the offense with coach Mike McCarthy in each of the last three offseasons. He has paid his dues whereas Kolb still has a few dues to pay.

Eagles fans should be thankful that McNabb has returned. The Eagles will have a better chance of winning this season behind McNabb than Kolb, in my opinion.

CS: The Packers have played the Eagles the last four years and have lost all four games. The last time the Packers defeated the Eagles was in 2000. How can Green Bay change their fortunes this year and get a "W" against Philadelphia?

TK: Green Bay's defense has to slow down Philadelphia's potent offense. That's another reason that the Packers kept one more defensive tackle. The Packers also have to limit their mistakes on offense, meaning Favre has to keep from throwing into double- or triple-coverage, and his receivers have to do a good job of getting open and catching the ball.
The Packers can help themselves on offense if the ultra young offensive backfield of Brandon Jackson, Vernand Morency and fullback Korey Hall can run the ball effectively.

CS: Is Brandon Jackson for real and will he take advantage of the Eagles’ shaky run defense?

TK: We will find out on Sunday. Jackson probably will be inconsistent this season, like most rookies, but he has shown flashes of his quickness and ability to cut on a dime during training camp practices.

CS: What will the Packers try to take advantage of against the Eagles?

TK: I would think that Green Bay will attack Philadelphia's run defense from the get-go, then try to keep the Eagles off-balance by mixing in the pass. Favre has been asked to play a little more conservatively this season, so look for passes to backs in the flat, crossing routes or quick slants over the middle.

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