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The Eagles and Packers are set to take center stage at Lambeau Field in less than 24-hours, but Chris Steuber caught up with Green Bay rookie linebacker Desmond Bishop and posed 10 questions to him about the Eagles.

Chris Steuber: What do the Packers have to do to stop the Eagles on offense?

Desmond Bishop: They have a very talented quarterback in Donovan McNabb. Brian Westbrook is very effective as a runner, as well as a receiver. Basically, we’ve been game planning for both of them. We want to minimize Westbrook as much as possible, as well as McNabb.

CS: From a linebackers point of view, what do the starting three (A.J. Hawk, Nick Barnett, and Brady Poppinga) have to do to contain the Eagles offense?

Bishop: We just have to do what we do. Don’t try to do anything extra. If we just work hard and do what we have to do and stick to our assignments, we’ll be fine.

CS: What is it about their offense that makes them so special?

Bishop: I think it’s Donovan McNabb’s ability to create something out of nothing. I think that’s the main thing. They have a good offensive line and run a good scheme. McNabb can throw Westbrook a swing route for a touchdown. You have to be ready for that.

CS: Will there be a spy on Donovan McNabb or Brian Westbrook?

Bishop: We may do it a little bit, we may not. I don’t want to give away our strategy so soon.

CS: I’m sure you’ve watched film on Donovan McNabb this preseason. Does he look back to full health to you and how do you plan your defense around him?

Bishop: I still think he has a few more weeks to go until he’s back to 100-percent. He still looks efficient and effective. We just have to play him as if he’s 100-percent.

CS: Have you seen any weaknesses in the Eagles offense that you could exploit on defense?

Bishop: They’re a pretty well rounded offense; its not one thing in particular that we have to stop than the other.

CS: Looking at your defense, you have a pretty solid young nucleus. Do you feel that the Packers are being overlooked heading into this game? What are your thoughts?

Bishop: Maybe; that could be true. I don’t know. We’re definitely going to show the world tomorrow that we’re a top defense and that teams will have to take close notice of us.

CS: The Eagles special teams have been a little shaky in the return game. Have you seen anything on film that you feel the Packers can take advantage of and create turnovers?

Bishop: That’s the goal [to get turnovers]. We’re going to try to make something happen. I think they [the Eagles] will be ready for the first game. I am sure their coaches will have everything on point, but I definitely think we can make some plays.

CS: Do you think Lambeau Field is still one of the most feared places to play for an opponent?

Bishop: We played two of our preseason games at home and the crowd was pretty ecstatic. Heading into this game, I can guarantee that our fans will be pumped up. It will definitely be a home field advantage.

CS: I’m sure you’re about to give me a shocking answer to this question, but do you have any predictions for tomorrow’s game?

Bishop: Do I have any predictions, sure. The Packers are going to win. What can I say? [Laughs] We’re going to win.

A member of the Pro Football Writers of America and the Football Writers Association of America, Chris Steuber is the Editor in Chief of and an NFL Analyst for Steuber has provided his analysis of the NFL and NFL Draft prospects on the web and on the radio since 1999.

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