Pro Day Report: Appalachian State, NC State

Former pro scout Tom Marino says Appalachian State safety Corey Lynch is one of the most underrated players in the country. Find out why, along with what he thought of the pro day performances of Appalachian State's Dexter Jackson, North Carolina State's Darrell Blackman and other Wolfpack players.

Many of the scouts in attendance for Monday's senior professional workout at Appalachian State left extremely pleased with the confirmed numbers of one of the most underrated players in the country; safety Corey Lynch.

Measuring 6003 and weighing 202 pounds, the talented senior appeared un-phased by the harsh 28-degree North Carolina mountain weather while posting an impressive 4.54 and 4.58 times in the 40. Although his vertical jump of 34 ½ inches and long jump best of 9 feet, 3 inches were just adequate for the position, his 3.96-second short shuttle and 6.71-second three-cone drill were not only exceptional numbers, but matched up perfectly with his position drills which followed.

With pins in both shoulders, he's probably not going to pass every club's pre-draft physical, but believe me when I tell you, if he can hold up medically, he has the intelligence, instincts, toughness and experience to play this game for a very long time.

Dexter Jackson, possibly the fastest receiver in the country, ran the three-cone in 6.96 seconds and had 11 reps at 225 pounds, but is just not a natural pass catcher. When describing a receiver's pass catching skills, I once heard the great Charlie Joiner refer to a player as having 80/20 hands. His rational was simply for every hundred balls thrown in his direction, the player is going to catch 80. Using that same standard, I would look at this undersized, potential late-round pass catcher as having 60/40 type catching skills.

North Carolina State
The conditions at NC State's pro day last week were far from perfect due to wind gusts of 10 to 15 miles per hour. And due to the noticeable crown on the field at the practice facility, the players were literally forced to run both up and down hill in their 40s!

Darrell Blackman, who was not invited to the recent Combine in Indianapolis, measured 5103 and weighed in at 210 pounds. He impressed coaches and scouts alike with his natural ability to field punts, his catching skills and impressive workout numbers — 38 ½-inch vertical jump, 10-foot long jump, 4.37-second short shuttle, 11.60-second long shuttle and 6.91-second three-cone drill. But with 4.61 and 4.63 times in the 40, he just doesn't have the juice you look for at either the wide receiver or punt return position.

DaJaun Morgan chose not to run the 40, but physically is a very impressive looking individual (6002, 203 pounds). He also vertical jumped 37 ½ inches, long jumped 10 feet, 1 inch and ran both the short and long shuttles in 4.18 and 11.65 seconds respectively.

Cornerback Jimmie Sutton measured in at 5101 and 183 pounds. He posted a 36 ½-inch vertical jump, 10-foot, 6-inch long jump, 4.28-second short shuttle, 11.40-second long shuttle, and a 6.98-second three-cone. Backup safety Miquel Scott was 6001 and 190 pounds, and finished the day with a 38 ½-inch vertical jump, 10-foot, 4-inch long jump, 4.13-second short shuttle, 11.56-second long shuttle, 7.06-second three-cone. Both had solid workouts, but at 4.56 and 4.61 seconds for Sutton and 4.58 and 4.62 seconds for Scott in the 40, neither prospect has the type of speed that the scouts in attendance were looking for in potential free agent prospects.

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