Bright Future Ahead For Little Known DT's

Defensive tackles can not be judged simply by tackles and assists alone. Size and strength are obviously important attributes, but quickness is of ultimate importance. Which of the second grouping of tackles possess these position skills. Former scout Tom Marino has his opinions and shares them with the readers.

Each year professional scouts from each of the 32 pro clubs pay special attention to this highly underappreciated defensive position. A defensive tackles' ability to restrict the inside run game, stack and control the point of attack, effectively react to the snap and get upfield, range outside the tackle box, push the pocket as an inside pass rusher, keep his feet in traffic and finish are critical to play winning football.

Charles Alexander of LSU has backed up some very talented players over his career but could well shine in his final season as a collegiate player. Louis Ellis of Shaw University via Hinds JC, led the entire country in tackles for loses (22.5) in 2007, but the real buzz at the tiny Raleigh campus is that Callahan Bright, a Florida State signee and widely considered the top prep tackle in the country in 2004 is finally eligible for participation. An absolute special talent, who combines strength, quickness, balance and is one nasty individual! He is going to need some work with his hand use, but this Philadelphian can flat out play.

Greg Brown of Indiana, Jeremy Navarre of Maryland and Notre Dame transfer and current Colorado U inside run stuffer Brandon Nicolas, all have a chance to factor. Nicolas, is a real try hard guy, but not near as big as I expected. Florida State transfer Aaron Jones, one of the top prep recruits in the nation, entering his second season at Eastern Kentucky has been a major disappointment an the collegiate level. He lacks play strength, plays high and doesn't get off blocks effectively. Based on my exposure, I would have to say he has a very long way to come before I would consider him a true player.

Grade Last First School 2007 Stats
Solo - Assist - Total - Sack - TFL
D Doolittle Tez Auburn U No 2007 stats
D Faletoese John California Davis 12-13-25-3-8.5
D Nicolas Brandon Colorado U 29-17-46-3-11
D Jones Aaron Eastern Kentucky U 1-3-4-0.5-0.5
D Jackson Jervonte Florida Atlantic 13-15-28-1.5-2
D Anyaibe Elris Georgia Tech 7-3-10-1-3.5
D Irvin Corvey Georgia U 10-4-14-0.5-2.5
D Pree Cody Houston U 16-16-32-0-4
D Brown Greg Indiana U 29-21-50-0-3.5
D Moran Alphonso Kansas St No 2007 stats
D Pryor Myron Kentucky U 14-13-27-0-.05
D Grady Adrian Louisville U 10-4-14-0-2.5
D Alexander Charles LSU 3-3-6-0-0
D Navarre Jeremy Maryland U 15-26-41-4.5-5
D Dixon Antonio Miami U 6-6-12-1.5-3
D Hendricks Dwayne Miami U 7-2-9-1-2
D Holmes Antoine No Carolina St 13-7-20-3-5.5
D Marsh Dennis Norfolk St 13-34-47-2.5-5
D Gill Johnny Northwestern U 20-30-50-4-8.5
D Kuntz Patrick Notre Dame 20-23-43-0-2.5
D Abdallah Nader Ohio St 8-11-19-1-3
D Duncan Rashaad Pittsburgh U 23-17-40-2-7
D Ellis Louis Shaw U 44-21-65-8-22.5
D Hall Marque So Carolina U 18-4-22-1-2
D Knighton Terrance Temple U 28-28-56-2-8.5
D Fisher Walter Tennessee U 11-16-27-0-1
D Vess James Texas Christian U No 2007 play. Suspended
D Gales Dion Troy U 12-17-29-2.5-7
D Harwell Brigham UCLA 2-2-4-0-0
D Hales Jacob UNLV 20-16-36-3-5
D Ahmu Fevaea'i Washington St 7-15-22-1-2.5
D Vacadipane Nick Western Michigan U 14-17-31-1.5-2
D Chapman Jason Wisconsin U 10-16-26-2-2.5
D Savage Mychal Youngstown St 26-17-43-4.5-5

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