The Center Of Attention

In street clothes, I believe most football fans would be quite surprised by the physical look of a number of prominent NFL offensive centers. Although most will never win the proverbial beauty contest, the good ones' all possess qualities and skills that are essential to play winning football at the professional level.

In most cases, offensive centers at the collegiate level are athletes who were originally recruited from the prep ranks as tackles and guards and converted upon arrival or at some time during the process.

Keep a close eye on Connecticut' Keith Gray, Alex Fletcher of Stanford, Mike Dent of West Virginia and Maryland' Edwin Williams, players with size, intelligence and playing experience. Thomas Crowley of West Texas A&M turned in some impressive performances in 2006, but was injured and subsequently red-shirted during the 2007 season. Austin Wilkerson of Rice and Virginia Tech' Ryan Shuman are two players who could rise on team boards with a solid 2008 season. Miami transfer Jonathan St-Pierre has stabilized the Illinois State Redbirds offensive front and has a chance to develop into a steady contributor at the professional level.

Grade Last First School
D Sanders Daniel Colorado U
D Gray Keith Connecticut U
D Eisenhardt Bill Grand Valley State
D Bedore Jordan Kansas St
D Williams Edwin Maryland U
D Nolan Mike Muhlenberg College
D Green Domenic Nevada U
D Washington David Oklahoma St
D Wilkinson Austin Rice U
D Griffin Jake South Florida U
D Fletcher Alex Stanford U
D Derenthal Alex Temple U
D Schlueter Blake Texas Christian U
D Felix Robby Texas-El Paso
D Shuman Ryan Virginia Tech
D Garcia Juan Washington U
D Crowley Thomas West Texas A&M
D Dent Mike West Virginia U

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