Top Guard Prospects For The 2009 Player Draft

The modern professional offensive guard must possess the size and physical strength to anchor on pass protection while getting consistent inside movement within the running game. He also must possess the quick, range and maneuverability to adjust effectively in space. Former pro scout Tom Marino has viewed the top players at the position and shares his impressions today with the readers.

Oklahoma guard Duke Robinson has a real chance to become a special player within the league. I really like this big wide body's movement, inline surge, balance points and his ability to finish people inline. Jeremy Perry of Oregon State, Anthony Parker of Tennessee along with Louisiana State's Herman Johnson are also sure fire early selections, although I am not 100 percent sure that Johnson might be a better fit at offensive tackle. Paul Fanaika of Arizona State is in my opinion a total stud! I liked the way he came off the football and consistently dominated at the point of attack. He's extremely physical, strong and I was particularly impressed with his contact balance. Montana's J.D. Quinn a former top prospect for Oklahoma Sooner, has performed exceptionally well over the last two seasons, but some poor off the field decisions may very well have a strong bearing in his overall draft standing next spring. Mitch Petrus and Steve Rehring are solid football players who are going to contribute to winning football games in the future. Cedric Dockery from the University of Texas is a big man who flashed at times in 2007, but overall I was disappointed in his play. I felt he spent far too much time on the ground and just doesn't finish with enough consistency.

Grade Last First School
A Fanaika Paul  Arizona St
A Johnson Herman  LSU
A Robinson  George "Duke" Oklahoma U
A Perry Jeremy  Oregon St
B Petrus Mitch Arkansas U
B Feinga Ray BYU
B Canfield Trevor  Cincinnati U
B Slauson Matt  Nebraska U
B Rehring Steve  Ohio St
B Parker Anthony  Tennessee U
B Urbik Kraig  Wisconsin U
C Mandich Matt  Arkansas St
C Green Tyronne Auburn U
C Bright Travis  BYU
C Tartt Jim  Florida U
C West Louis  Henderson St
C Olsen Seth Iowa U
C Bussey George  Louisville U
C Thomas Jaimie Maryland U
C Martin Roland  Michigan St
C Allen Roger Missouri Western
C Quinn J D  Montana U
C Henderson Tim Northwestern St (LA)
C Ohrnberger Rich Penn St
C Durand Ryan  Syracuse U
C Giles WIlliam Tenn-Chattanooga
C Vasquez Louis  Texas Tech
C Dockery Cedric  Texas U
C Byers Jeff USC
C Conley Robert  Utah U
C Marshman Nick  Virginia Tech
C DeGeare Chris  Wake Forest U
C Kemp Andy  Wisconsin U

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