Rex Ryan rules out color-coded QB wristbands

Is Geno Smith getting the Mark Sanchez treatment? After four games reports surfaced that Smith might be on a color-coded system to lessen the number of turnovers he's had this season.

A rookie quarterback enduring the difficulties of turnovers and facing the possibility of using a color-coded playbook-system sounds a lot like the experience Mark Sanchez had during his rookie season in 2009. Round two is occurring in 2013 with reports surfacing that the Jets considered a move to a color-coded system in order to negate some of the turnovers made by their rookie quarterback.

"I haven't spoken to him about that, but if it helps the team, if it's something that the coaches decide that it's something that is going to make us better as an offense and make me better as a quarterback, then I'm all for it," said rookie quarterback Geno Smith concerning the possibility of using a color coded system.

That initial report seems to be quelled by Rex Ryan's reassurance that it isn't in the cards at the moment. When asked on ESPN radio about it he said, "I don't plan on doing that now." Ryan last implemented the system in 2009 after a game against the Patriots in which he threw four interceptions.

The color-coded play-call system seemed relatively simple to decipher. If the play was red it meant to be extremely cautious in making a pass, yellow was meant to represent being cautious, and green was meant to allow for a little bit more freedom in making a pass.

"Our offense, we don't really do that in this offense. But like I said, if it's something that we talk about it and it's something that we think is good moving forward, then I'm all for it. But as of now, we haven't," said Smith.

The necessity for such measures lies within the high turnover number that Smith has accumulated so far this season. Through four games he has thrown eight interceptions and has fumbled three times, which would put him on pace for over forty turnovers on the season.

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