How the Falcons stack up with the Lions

Mike Smith has a lot against him this week, with the Falcons desperately needing a victory.


PPG Allowed - 28.4 - 30th (third-worst)
Yards Allowed - 412.1 - 30th (third-worst)
Passing Yards Allowed - 274.4 - 29th (fourth-worst)
Rushing Yards Allowed - 137.7 - 27th (sixth-worst)
Sacks - 7 - T27th (fourth-worst)

PPG Allowed - 15.0 - 2nd
Yards Allowed - 290.3 - 1st
Passing Yards Allowed - 216.9 - 7th
Rushing Yards Allowed - 73.4 - 2nd
Sacks - 21 - T-3rd


Total Offensive Yards - 387.7 - 7th
Total Passing Yards per game - 289.6 - 5th
Total Rushing Yards per game - 98.1 - 23rd

Total Offensive Yards - 332.1 - 24th (ninth-worst)
Total Passing Yards per game - 249.7 - 13th
Total Rushing Yards per game - 82.4 - 31st (second-worst)

Detroit’s Matthew Stafford has thrown nine touchdowns and six interceptions thus far this season. He’s thrown for 1891 yards. His leading rushing is Joique Bell, who has 274 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Reggie Bush has been injured. He’s got 171 yards on 49 carries. With Calvin Johnson out with injury, Golden Tate has become a go-to receiver. He’s got 48 catches for 649 yards.

Ezekiel Ansah is playing very well. He’s 3.5 sacks. George Johnson actually has four sacks. Ndamukong Suh has three sacks so far this season. Nick Fairley has one sack and is playing healthy for a change.

So how do the Falcons stack up against the Lions? Well, you be the judge of that based on these numbers. It does not seem like it will be easy.

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