Should the Falcons pursue Ndamukong Suh?

The Falcons need help on defense, so is Suh the answer?

The Falcons need pass rushers. They need outside linebackers and defensive ends. Ndamukong Suh is a defensive tackle. He will be a free agent soon and could be available to the highest bidder.

This is one of the most dominant players in the NFL. He is a game-changer. Opposing teams have to worry about Suh when they know he is on the schedule. There is a chance Suh will be the best defensive player in the history of the team he signs with, even before he takes the field.

That would be the case for the Falcons, who have not had a defensive star in some time. John Abraham was a pretty good player, but he was not even close to the player Suh has been for Detroit.

Suh would make the defensive line for the Falcons so much better. The Falcons could have Suh and Paul Soliai in the middle, with Tyson Jackson and Jonathan Babineaux on the outside as pass rushers.

Now Jackson is not a perfect edge rusher, but if the Falcons were to turn around and draft an outside linebacker, would they be okay?

It's unlikely the Falcons would release Jackson, who was signed a year ago and had played in Kansas City for Scott Pioli. Jackson used to be thin and rangy, but his weight gain has helped him be more of an interior player than an edge rusher.

Adding Soliai and Jackson last year did help the Falcons rush defense, and there is no doubt Suh coming aboard would give Atlanta one of the better rush defenses in the NFL. But they must improve the pass rush, which is something that cannot be ignored.

It's more likely the Falcons will pursue only defensive ends and outside linebackers in free agency. Brian Orakpo is the latest name linked with the Falcons. But you can only imagine how the front office is at least thinking about whether they should jump into the fray and pursue a boy named Suh.

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