Falcons lose 2016 draft pick

Rich McKay will pay a price for the Falcons stupid decision to pump fake noise into the Georgia Dome.

The Falcons will lose a fifth round draft choice in 2016 and were fined a substantial amount by the NFL for piping in fake crowd noise over the course of two seasons.

Also, team president Rich McKay will be suspended from the NFL’s competition committee, a prestigious position in the league. McKay will be able to reapply for admission on the committee in a few months.

Thankfully, the Falcons don’t lose a pick in next month’s draft, which would have been a crushing blow considering the huge needs on the roster. Perhaps they can try to gain an extra fifth rounder in next year’s draft in a trade to offset the penalty.

The man responsible for the trick, Falcons employee Roddy White (not the receiver), has been terminated.

It was a stupid decision and it cost the franchise dearly, as no team ever likes to lose a draft pick so carelessly. Team owner Arthur Blank has tried to be up front and honest about the situation, but it did not stop the NFL from taking away a future draft pick.

The Falcons could ill afford to lose any chance at improving the roster, with so many needs still left unfilled and more depth needed at crucial positions.

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