Signing Walker was never a serious option

Could Herschel Walker really be an option for the Falcons?

Sure, it would have been fun.

It was nice to think about Herschel Walker wearing the red and black in the state of Georgia again. This wouldn’t have been the Bulldogs, but the Falcons. But it really wasn’t realistic.

Recently new Falcons head coach Dan Quinn mentioned that Walker was one of his favorite players. He then intimated that Walker was welcome to come try out for the Falcons.

The Internet spread the quotation like wildfire. Some websites even wrote stories believing it was true, and then Friday Quinn had to clarify his comments by saying he was not being serious.

Walker had said earlier in June he thought he could still play in the NFL. He’s Herschel Walker. He probably thinks he can still play in the NFL. Walker is a tremendous athlete, even at his age. But it does make you wonder how old is too old for a player to be in the NFL.

Walker might be right. He might be able to go to a training camp and be impressive enough to make a roster. But what would happen if he got hurt? How can a 53-year-old recover from a sprained ankle or a twisted knee? Could they come back in time to help a team?

It’s unlikely. Now, if anyone in the world could do it, Walker probably could. He’s beyond a world class athlete. He’s on the Mount Rushmore of athletes. But playing in the NFL, at his age?

Nah, it just wasn’t realistic. It’s a shame the Falcons didn’t sign Walker when he was still playing. But now? It’s just too late.

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