Thoughts on Andy Levitre

Here are some thoughts on the newest member of Atlanta's offensive line.

We asked Greg Arias, the publisher of the Titans website on, to give us his thoughts on the newest Falcons player Andy Levitre. The Falcons acquired Levitre Friday from Tennessee.

Andy Levitre is a professional all the way. He is a great guy in the locker room and with the media. When given several chances to share his true feelings about the situation that was evolving for him with the Titans he remained above it all, even going as far as to say that he hoped to remain with the Titans.

I think the issues he had here were in part because of injuries and the appendectomy he underwent in his first season. The coaching change from Mike Munchak to Ken Whisenhunt was also a major factor, as Levitre never seemed to fit with what the new staff wanted, which was a road grading type line where as Levitre is more of a technician.

With the regular season a week away, the Falcons will allow Levitre to have as much practice time as possible, as it looks like he will be a starter in the new season.

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