Julio Jones talks about the win in NYC

Julio Jones happy with Atlanta's 2-0 start after the win over the Giants.

Julio Jones

Q: How does it feel to be 2-0?

A: It feels great. A new year, a new start. We can control that. Everybody was asking how different it is with Dan Quinn this year. We couldn’t do anything about last year. This is a whole new year, but it feels great to be 2-0 right now.

Q: Can you take us through that amazing catch in the second half?

A: Which one? Seriously. I feel like all of them are amazing when I catch the ball.

Q: The acrobatic catch that went for a 10-yard gain?

A: Just effort. Matt (Ryan) put the ball up there and I made a play. It was a little outside. The DB was still sitting outside of me and I had to go over the top and make a play.

Q: How big is it to win two-straight close games?

A: It’s great for the organization, for the team. It shows a lot about our defense. When we need to go out there and make stops, they make stops; as well as the offense. We put drives together when we need to.

Q: To do it in the fourth quarter the way you did speaks a lot about Matt Ryan and the whole offense.

A: Most definitely. We work on that everyday. It wasn’t anything new to us. No one got tight at any time in the game when we were down. We just went out there and made plays like we usually do.

Q: Fight and effort are things that have been preached since Dan Quinn has come in. How much of it is a credit to what you guys are doing on the field?

A: We’re 2-0. We’re going to outhit people. Like Quinn said postgame, you can’t win the game in the first, second or third quarter. You win the game in the fourth quarter. It’s all about how you finish. Every now and then you’re going to get off to a slow start. Some games you’re going to get out to a fast start, but it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the finish.

Q: Your 13 catches today tied Tony Gonzalez’s team record. Were you just trying to be there when Matt Ryan needed you in those situations?

A: Every opportunity that I get when a ball is thrown at me, I feel like it’s my job to catch it. I had 15 targets today and I caught 13. I think I did okay today. I wish I could have caught all 15, but it happens.

Q: How did you all stay focused when you got down by 10 and had to put it back together?

A: We work on it everyday at practice. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for us. Dan Quinn puts us in situations everyday like that. We’re down and we need a field goal, we need a touchdown. Everyday there’s a different scenario and today came into play for us and we went out there and executed.

Q: Does it mean anything to you to tie Tony Gonzalez’s team record for catches?

A: It feels great because my teammates needed me today for those 13 catches, to pull out this win. I was here with Tony. He was a phenomenal player, incredible person. He’s just unbelievable all the way around.

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