Coachwatch: Grimm Saturday

Was the 2000 season, in a small way, a glimpse of 2005? The Browns defensive coordinator during that misbegotten season was Romeo Crennel, who interviewed Friday for the job of Browns head coach. Saturday is Russ Grimm's turn. Here is Barry's update, as of Saturday afternoon, of the status of the various Browns head coaching candidates...

Here is your regularly scheduled update on the Browns head coaching candidates, as of Saturday afternoon.

The process moving forward will be for the Browns to finish interviews with their final group of candidates Monday when they speak to Terry Robiskie. Lerner, Collins, and Savage plan to decide at that point whether or not it makes sense for them to zero in on one candidate or keep talking to others. Savage said yesterday that it might take "two or three days" to come to that conclusion. The Browns new GM also acknowleged that Randy Lerner would make the final decision on who to name head coach but that he believes that he will have significant input on the decision as the team's Number 1 football guy.

Romeo Crennel: Phil Savage talk a bit about how comfortable he felt with interviewing Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel during yesterday's introductory press conference, saying that it "went very well". Likewise, Crennel's agent, Joe Linta, told the media in Boston that it was a good meeting. Meanwhile, the well-regarded assistant talked to the San Franscisco 49ers on Saturday. It was the first scheduled interview for the 49ers, which likely infers a pretty high level of interest on their part.

Brad Childress: The Philadelpha Eagles offensive coordinator went back to the work preparing for this team's playoff round, but will do so without talking to new GM Phil Savage. We asked Savage during yesterday's press conference about whether or not he would be able to contact Childress, and were told that the Eagles only permitted one day of availability for their OC. Savage won't be able to talk to Childress about the Browns head coaching opportunity until after the Eagles exit the playoffs.

Russ Grimm: The Browns are interviewing the Steelers assistant head coach today. Savage acknowledged that he's "never say down and talked football" with Grimm in the past.

Terry Robiskie: The Browns interim head coach gets his chance to talk to Lerner, Collins and Savage on Monday. Robiskie has been aggressively making his case for the position, and reached out to Savage on Thursday when the official announcement came down. Savage was unable to respond to Robiskie's call but complimented the team's offensive coordinator for reaching out.

Ed Donatell: Donatell's name wasn't mentioned during yesterday's press conference, so we asked Savage specifically whether or not he would be able to speak to Donatell prior to the playoffs, as indicated by several published reports. He didn't directly say "no", but it doesn't appear that the Browns were able to schedule an interview with Donatell. Our Falcons affiliate reports that time has run out on the Browns ability to request formal permission to speak to Donatell.

Jim Fassel and Mike Nolan: Phil Savage appears to have a desire to engage Nolan and Fassel during the process. During yesterday's press conference he reported that he had assured the Ravens consultant and defensive coordinator not to worry that they will be seeing other names in the media during the process.

Kirk Ferentz: Savage did nothing to suggest that Ferentz is anything less than earnest in his desire to remain in Iowa. Noting that he is close to Ferentz, Savage told reporters that "right now he's an Iowa Hawkeye, and I don't think that's going to change."

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