Falcons news and notes

News and notes from the Atlanta Falcons

--RB T.J. Duckett hits the bye week at just the right time after Monday's game. A high sprain in his right ankle needs more time to heal. Duckett hopes he can return to practice and feel better in the days leading up to the Nov. 6 game at Miami.

--WR Roddy White showed recently in practice that he has the acumen and ability to create an extra burst of speed on deep routes to separate from coverage. If White can deliver such results in a game, he could add a missing link in the offense that would make Atlanta's league-best rushing attack more powerful.

--RT Todd Weiner has battled through a sore wrist, forearm and elbow, but he had to trust his instincts when deciding if he should play against the Saints in Week 6 and the Jets in Week 7. He hasn't missed a game since the team committed a $5.5 million signing bonus to him in March 2002, but injuries kept Weiner from a start later that year at New Orleans and forced him to leave the NFC title game prematurely last season.

--LDE Patrick Kerney measured the pain from a strained oblique muscle in Week 5 against the Patriots and decided he could contribute on third down. Kerney, always one of the team's best-conditioned players, was expected to extend his streak of consecutive games to 103 on Monday against the Jets.

--SS Keion Carpenter might not play another season if his production doesn't improve dramatically. Opponents simply don't fear crossing the middle against Atlanta because Carpenter is brittle and plays so deep. At least half of the blame belongs to FS Bryan Scott, too. Scott is out of position too frequently.

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