Bernstein Blog from Hawaii- Day 2 (Updated)

Yours truly was kindly chosen to represent the company at this weeks all important NFL event, the Pro Bowl. That doesn't mean we can't have fun, right? After watching today's practices, EVERYONE is here to have fun.

8:03 a.m. Hawaiian time- After a couple hours sleep, I'm semi-rejuvenated. I'm going to grab something to eat, then head to the NFL offices to get my credentials.

9:45 a.m.- I've eaten, took care of everything, and now I'm heading across the island to watch the teams practice.

10:05 a.m.- AFC team just finished practicing, and I missed much of it. I was able to ask Mario Williams about the mini-camp contact story, and predictably, there was no comment.

10:35 a.m.- I'm watching the NFC team practice, and to say that there is a lack of intensity would be like admitting that Grady Jackson could probably afford to drop a couple pounds. The offensive and defensive linemen are standing around joking, and the skill position guys are playing catch. That's literally it.

10:55 a.m.- NFC is wrapping up practice, and I had the opportunity to meet with Redskins tight end Chris Cooley's wife. She is a special kind of hot, and that may have been the most exciting thing that took place at practice.

11:02 a.m.- I tried to talk to Julius Peppers about his "situation" in Carolina, but he was told not to speak of it. I was hoping to gauge his feelings on potentially coming to Houston. As for the final observations about NFC practice: they practiced a lot of trick plays, a lot; Eli Manning has a rocket of an arm. Drew Brees needs a haircut. Steve Smith has enormous calves. Jared Allen has a mullet. Adrian Wilson is an intimidating guy to talk to, even when he isn't trying to be. Kurt Warner truly is the nicest guy in the NFL, sort of like the professional version of Tim Tebow. Only difference is Kurt can actually throw the football.

Time to feel tired- I'm going to head back to the hotel now to grab a couple more hours sleep.

3:19 p.m.-
Woke up after an excellent power nap, then proceeded to watch the start of the L.A.-Boston game (Hawaiian time is great for sports viewing). After watching the first period, I went down to the hotel pool to edit some stories and grab some sun. Mostly good scenery at the pool, so I stayed down there for a few hours while my intern called and updated me on the latest NBA/MLB/NCAA rumors.

5:04 p.m.-
Finally got off the phone with said intern (who shall remain nameless, although he does share the same last name as me), and then went upstairs to the room. Called the spouse and watched the end of the game (great game by the way). Took a shower and then proceeded to the steakhouse to eat. Steak was excellent, prices were semi-reasonable, and the view from my outside table on the third floor overlooking Diamond Head was amazing.

7:06 p.m.-
Still on a food high, I decided to walk the strip on Waikiki. Ran into some interesting characters, and took in some street performances. There was short Asian kids break-dancing, people dressed as statues in gold and silver body paint, and some nice folks that looked like they needed showers playing the ukulele.

7:39 p.m.-
I hear drunken screaming and overall stupidity, and not even one iota to my surprise, the terrible towels appeared. Yes folks, Steelers fans found their way to Hawaii and they were waving towels and yelling at statues (not the people dressed as statues, real statues). I talked to Troy Polamalu earlier today, and if he saw the morons wearing his jersey, I am confident that #43 would've planted them into the pavement.

8:08 p.m.-
I purchase a few overpriced souvenirs for the family back on the mainland, and try on a pair of ridiculously overpriced sunglasses. The food high fortunately had subsided, and I saved a few hundred dollars by just saying no.

8:51 p.m.-
I am updating this blog and still suffering from a lack of sleep, so I'm going to turn in and get ready for practices in the morning. No Ambien neccessary on this evening.

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