AFI Combine Watch: Oregon S Patrick Chung

He's a player who was one of the youngest ever to don a collegiate uniform when he enrolled as a 16-year old at Oregon, but safety Patrick Chung is not a player to be trifled with. He's developed both his body and his game and he's ready to show the NFL scouts in attendance at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis that he can do it all in the secondary...

"(At Oregon) we did cover two, cover three, we did everything and we had the rover position," Chung said from the combine in Indianapolis. "I mean I played traditional safety positions and regular defensive coverages, and at rover, I can be anywhere.

"I can cover the tight end, covering the slot, blitzing, being in the box, being deep. Rover is pretty much an everything position."

Chung was everything to the Oregon secondary the past three years, using his speed and playmaking abilities to finish fourth on the Ducks' all-time tackles list with 384 while also posting nine sacks and averaged 11.2 yards on 12 punt returns and 23.6 yards on 26 kick returns.

"When I return kicks -- I'm on defense and I don't get the ball as much -- so I'm ready to go get a touchdown every time," Chung said. "So I mean that's my mentality. I would say I'm pretty dangerous (with the ball in my hands)."

As a freshman, Chung was only 16 when he enrolled at Oregon and he grew before the eyes of the Duck coaching staff as well as the fans.

"It was cool," Chung said with a chuckle. "It was a bunch of grown guys out there. They were always picking on me -- 'Little man, you're the little man,' but you've got to adjust real fast. You can't let anything intimidate you. It was more a motivation-factor.

"Being with the older guys, older guys showing me the ropes, having the mentality that I'm trying to be the best player out there. That's just how I am. I'm not cocky, but I'm trying to be the best one out there.

"When you work hard, like I said, everything happens for you. If you have your mind set on something and you keep going and going until you get that goal, everything will be fine."

Chung measured in at the Combine at 5-11, 212 pounds, but he's got the intangibles -- smarts, physicality -- to be a solid safety at the next level while also able to use his good speed (4.55) and playmaking abilities to be an asset in the return game as well.

Atlanta could take a look at Chung late in the second round or in the third should he last that long. If he does, he could be one of the steals of the 2009 NFL Draft.

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